Monthly Archives: October 2018

Phonics Workshop

Today parents of Year 1 had the opportunity to attend a phonics workshop. They spent time observing Miss Williams model a phonics lesson with a group of amazing Year 2 children. After that Miss Williams spoke to them about how best to support their child in learning phonics. Then it was time for some fun and learning as the parents made and played phonics games with their own children. We would like to thank all the parents who attended today.

Black History Month – Rosa Parks

For Black History Month the Puffins have been focussing on the amazing life of Rosa Parks. The children have learnt how the actions of one black women not giving up her seat on a bus had a big impact on the lives of fellow black American and history. They come to understand how people can be tolerant towards each and why it is important in our world.

‘Rosa Parks was brave for staying on the bus even though she would be in trouble’ Harvey
‘Rosa Parks was amazing and strong to stand up for herself’ Maya
‘People need to show respect for each other even if they look different’ Alexander

Classifying animals

Today the children have starting their science topic on Animals. As part of the introduction to this topic they have been classifying animals into the given groups.

‘Fish lay their eggs in the water’ Daisy B
‘If you stroke a snake they are cold so that means their reptiles’ Liam
‘Parrots have feathers not fur so they are birds’ Alexi