Monthly Archives: April 2021


This week the Puffins are learning how to use inference skills. This can be quite tricky for some young children, but they have done brilliantly. The children were able to infer who these different shoes could belong to by looking at the clues they could see now.

Asking for help

For PSHE today the Puffins discussed about how to ask for help. We watched this video and spoke about what the boy did to ask for help. We then related this to school and about who helps use at school.

‘If I’m hurt, I can ask Ms Francis for help’ Thomas. L
‘If I’m stuck on my work and I have tried hard I can ask a friend for help’ Hannah
‘If I have had an argument with a friend, I can ask a teacher to do Peacemakers’ Thomas. S

We moved on to acting out scenarios of if we were hurt who would we call for help if someone stole something from me who would I call and if my house was on fire who would I call.

The children have all learnt to call 999 in emergencies and given the homework task to learn their address just in case.