Monthly Archives: April 2015

Learning about sequence


Year 1 Puffins continued with their Computing lessons, today learning about sequence.

Mr Baddhan explained to the children that every instruction (algorithm) has a sequence – a correct working order. If the sequence is incorrect then the instruction will not work.

They used Purple Mash’s 2Go application to write an instruction to move their car to a set destination. The children wrote their algorithm then tried to see if they managed to achieve the correct working sequence.

Wonderful attendance


We had a lovely assembly this morning celebrating the wonderful attendance of children throughout the school. Mrs Jones was very proud to see so many of Puffin class receiving awards for their bronze and silver attendance. We are now wearing our badges with pride.

Trying our algorithms


Year 1 enjoyed their afternoon with Mr Baddhan today learning and trying out their algorithms.

They were outside in the sunshine telling each other instructions on how to get to the ‘gold treasure box’. There were also obstacles in the way to provide more of a challenge for our robot. One child was a robot following commands of move forward, turn left, turn right, move back.

They then went inside using 2Go achieving the best way to get to certain buildings i.e the bank or temple.

Pirate Day

IMG_0347 IMG_0299

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had in Puffin Class.

We had a special visit from Captain Barnacle who left his ship in Bristol to come and talk to us today.

We started the day with a pirate puppet show, we learnt about the travels of Captain Barnacle and Black Beard.

We then looked at different artefacts which pirates would have used. We handled pistols and swords, it was very exciting to look at the real objects. We learnt about how pirates caught a ship and boarded to take their treasure. It was a very hard time for pirates and their living conditions were very poor. We decided that being a pirate was not the life for us.

This afternoon we then made our own treasure maps for our own island. We used our phonic sounds to label our maps and thought about the different obstacles which would stop us from finding the treasure. We finished off our maps by making them look really old using coffee and screwing up our work. Mrs Jones was mortified when we screwed up our work but she was pleased with our end result. We then finished the day by making our own pirate swords and pirate hats ready for the display in our classroom.

Here are some facts that we learnt today;