Monthly Archives: September 2015

Special people

Today in circle time we thought about how special we all are. We all shared ideas with the class about why we are special.


We then played a circle time game finding similarities between us all. We realised that we are all very different, but we also share some of the same qualities. We decided that it is nice to have lots of different people in our class and that we are all special because we are puffins.

Singing Me, Myself and I

Today we started our music lesson by listening to a song called ‘Me, Myself and I’ and discussed our view on the song. Here are some of our answers.



We then practised singing the lyrics while keeping the pulse throughout the song. It was a hard task because the song makes us want to move around, but we tried really hard.

e-Safety: Enjoying the internet


On Wednesday we started to think about how we could be safe on the internet. We started by thinking about what we already knew about the internet and technology and any rules our parents had shared with us. We then used a video to teach us some e-safety rules, so we could enjoy the internet whilst keeping ourselves safe.

Once we had collected all our new ideas for e-safety and some rules we will have in our classroom, we then made our own posters that we can display as reminders.



Puffin Superstars!


The children have settled well in to Year 1 and are really working hard. They have started to complete number clubs and spelling tests, with all children trying their very best. Well done puffin class.

A special well done to these children that moved up on their number club or got all of their spellings correct.

Our new school councillors


Today we held a vote for our new school councillors. We started by discussing the role of the school council and what they will need to do as part of their new role. The children then shared a few words with the class about why they should be chosen.


We then voted for the person we wanted to choose. We elected one boy and one girl. We made sure the vote was fair and children only voted once.

Our new school councillors are Kezi and Niah. Well done both, I am sure you will be excellent school councillors.

Our trip to Birmingham Art Museum


On Monday we were very excited to be going on a trip. We went on a green bus with Year 2 all the way to the city centre. When we got there we walked round the museum looking at all the artefacts, it was really interesting. Our favourite room was the big hoot room, with some of the owls from around the city centre. We chose our favourite owls and drew them on our clipboards. Next we went and enjoyed our lunch, we were very sensible and Mrs Jones was very happy with our behaviour. During the afternoon we went to a clay workshop to learn about sculpting. We started by drawing different pots and artefacts that we would like to make. We then went back to the workshop and made some clay sculptures. It was really dirty but really fun. We have some very creative puffins in Year 1. After our long day we then got back on the bus and came back to school. Some of us had a little sleep because we were so tired!


Photography credit to Mr Kempson – thank you!

All About Me – Self Portraits


Today we started to think about our topic, linking to all about me. We thought about how we could describe our appearance and give our partner details.


We then discussed colours which would be appropriate to use. We worked really hard to draw our features and showed some real persistence to ensure they looked just right.

Our first day in Puffin Class


Today we were all really excited to start our first day of Year 1. We all came in to school looking so grown up with our lovely new school uniforms, ready to start our busy year in Year 1.

We started off this morning thinking about how we are all special in Puffin class and how we are all part of a class. We discussed what made us special while passing round a ball of string to make a special class web, we realised that when we let go and didn’t work as part of a team, our web fell apart.

During the day we took part in a range of activities, including craft, maths, writing, reading and role play. We linked all our activities to our topic for this term, ‘We live in Britain’.

This afternoon we thought about our class rules and the qualities we want for each class member. We then used this mind map to create our class rules, that we all agree to.