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Understanding courage

As part of this weeks RE session the children have learnt the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Firstly the children read the and demonstrated their understanding by sequencing the events of the story. Then children moved on to discussing what courage is and times they have shown courage with their talk partners and the class.

Easter story

Today we had a special visitor from Kings Norton church. Pauline came to talk to us about Easter and tell us the Easter story. We learnt lots of new things that we didn’t already know about the story. She was very interesting to listen to and very good at telling stories!

Our teachers were very proud of how well we sat and listened. We also asked lots of sensible questions.


In RE today children have discussed where they belong and why.

Paige – ‘I belong to Rainbows and it makes me feel happy’
Jacob ‘I belong to Bells Farm school and I enjoy it here’
Ava ‘I belong to my grandmas house because it makes me feel safe and happy’

Right and wrong

This afternoon in RE the Puffins had a great conversation about right and wrong. First we looked at the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus and discussed whether Jesus was right or wrong for going to see Zacchaeus.

‘Jesus was right for included him to try and make him a nicer man’ Frankie. L

‘He’s horrible, you shouldn’t talk to horrible people’ Kaiden

Next we looked at different scenarios of thing that were wrong and discussed how we could put them write. Here are a few examples of the childrens work. Lewis had a great solution if someone dropped their wallet. Shona really understood the right thing to do if someone fell over and Lola showed great care of our environment and the right thing to do if some drops litter.

Belonging and Community

This week the Puffins have been discuss Belonging and Community. We spoke about how some children feel a sense of belonging at Church or Mosque because they feel included.

We explore how community happening around us, at home, in our local area and within school. We then completed an activity about where we feel we belong and draw a picture about it.

Esmay – I feel I belong with my family at home
Nyeema – I feel I am included and happy at Tae Wkondo
Callum F – I feel safe and happy and belonging at my nanny’s on a Friday
Kai – I feel safe and included at home with mommy
Nathan – I feel wanted and happy and I belong at school

Visitor from the Church


Today we had a special visit from Pauline, who works at our local church. She came in to talk to us about Easter and tell us a version of the Easter story. We listened carefully to the story and had lots of questions that made Pauline. She told us the story using eggs holding special parts of the story, they helped her to tell the story and we discussed why each part of the story was important.

Here are some of the facts we can remember about the Easter story.



On the Sunday before Easter, to start holy week, the church give out palm crosses. We have these to remember that Jesus died on the cross at Easter and that palm leaves were waved at Jesus as he walked to Jerusalem. Pauline gave us all a palm cross to take home.

Jonah and the Whale


In R.E we have been learning the story of Jonah and the Whale. We discussed why Jonah was swallowed by the whale and how we have consequences for our actions. We made links between our own choices and things that happen as a result, maybe as punishment for our actions.


We retold the story in groups role played the story. We then completed some lovely art work to display in our classroom.

Being brave

During R.E we thought about what it means to be brave.

We read the story of David and Goliath and watched a lovely video to tell the story.


To think about how David had to be brave we then had a bravery challenge. Our teachers had put objects in bags that we couldn’t look in to, we had to be brave and put our hands in the bags even though we didn’t know what was in them.

We were very brave and put our hands in to every bag. Some of the bags had slimy things in but we kept being brave.