Monthly Archives: October 2016

Nursery rhyme

Today to finish our nursery rhyme unit Puffin class worked hard together to create this alternative nursery rhyme. Fantastic job Puffins!

Twinkle twinkle little moon
How you look like a spoon
Up above the world at night
Like a shiny cheese so bright
Twinkle twinkle little moon
How you look like a spoon

Belonging and Community

This week the Puffins have been discuss Belonging and Community. We spoke about how some children feel a sense of belonging at Church or Mosque because they feel included.

We explore how community happening around us, at home, in our local area and within school. We then completed an activity about where we feel we belong and draw a picture about it.

Esmay – I feel I belong with my family at home
Nyeema – I feel I am included and happy at Tae Wkondo
Callum F – I feel safe and happy and belonging at my nanny’s on a Friday
Kai – I feel safe and included at home with mommy
Nathan – I feel wanted and happy and I belong at school

Learning about senses


Today in Science the Puffin class have been learning about their senses. The main focus was sight.

We discussed:

What would happen if you didn’t have your sight? You might get hurt in the road – Esmay
How would you feel if you lost your sight? – Lonely because your cant see your friends – Oliver
What can be used to help you if you lose your sight? You can get a dog to help you – Nathan
You could use your hands to feel round – Keelie
You can have a big stick to find things in front of you – Brooke

The children then experienced how it would feel to have no sight. All of them did not enjoy it!