Monthly Archives: March 2023

Super Scientists!

This week Puffins have recapped their learning from one of our previous units; looking at ‘Human’ and ‘Physical’ features. The children worked together in their groups to sort out the features.
In Science our Puffins have really enjoyed learning about different materials. The children got to experiment with each object to see if they can bend, twist, bounce, squash or if it would soak up water. They then recorded their findings.


During our PSHE lesson we have looked at the NSPCC PANTS scheme. With the help of their friendly dinosaur Pantosaurus, we discussed PANTS in a simple conversation to help keep  children safe. We listened to the ‘Pantosaurus’ song which the children thought was great. This is the link if you want to give it a listen at home.

This afternoon Puffins have been busy cutting wooden dowel for their DT project. Some of the puffins had the opportunity to finish making their paper cars. Check out the pictures to see how they got on.
The children played Snakes and Ladders as part of their learning this week!
Once again they also enjoyed Flashlight Friday!

Exploring our World

In Geography Puffins have enjoyed learning all about the 7 Continents. To begin our learning the children watched a video. They loved it! So here is the link if you would like to have a listen at home.
 As a class we went through some continent facts and a few children blew us away with what they already new. Beaux said “Asia is the biggest continent, there are 48 countries in it”. Matt said “The River Nile goes through,” and Ollie serenaded us with the continents song throughout the lesson!
Puffins have loved painting this week in their art lesson. They have been learning all about the colour wheel and what primary colours. They then mixed them to create secondary colours.
During ERIC the children enjoyed Flashlight Friday!!

World Book Week

We were very lucky to launch our special book week by receiving a visit from a real life author! Puffins welcomed Teresa Heapy to their classroom and showed her how hard they work. During her visit the children listened to one of her stories ‘Very Little Red Riding Hood’ and got to design their very own ‘very little’ character. Teresa thought they were amazing. Well done Puffins!
Another special event this week Puffins loved was reading alongside the Year 4 Robins. The children got to share their books from home or their favourites from our class library. Thank you Robins – we had a wonderful time!
What amazing costumes we had to celebrate World Book Day this year! Wow! Check out the photos to see what puffins dressed up as.
In Computing, Puffins have enjoyed designing their cars on Purple Mash. They have also been using the ‘2Calculate’ app to create a spreadsheet.

In Music the children were very excited to have a go at  playing the glockenspiels. They worked with their partners to play along, taking it in turns to hit the right notes.

In our Geography lessons we have been learning about Africa. This week, the children have enjoyed exploring their new African role-play area.
In PSHE Puffins have been learning all about ‘ownership’. To begin, the children discussed with their talk partners what they thought that word meant. Puffins came up with some good ideas. We then watched a short clip showing an example and what we should be doing to make sure our things stay ours. We brainstormed some of the children’s ideas:
In maths Puffins have been learning to use Base10 in their lessons to explore number. The children are learning to use a range of resources to support their learning.