Monthly Archives: March 2015

Position and direction


In Maths this week we have been learning about position and movement. We practised our directions through the cha cha slide and also used the bee-bots. We enjoyed programming the bee-bots and getting from one place to another. We started to think about the sequence of the instructions and used our fraction work from last week to support our working.

Key vocabulary for this week:
½ turn
¼ turn

Multi skills competition


On Wednesday Puffin Class participated in a multi skills competition as part of the Baverstock Association. We had lots of fun taking part in a variety of activities. We used a variety of skills including ball dribbling, throwing, catching, kicking and balancing. A lovely afternoon was had by all.

Mrs Jones is very impressed as we came 2nd place out of five schools with 316 points. As a special treat as the scores were so close we get free use of a bus for the day during the Autumn term in September. Mrs Jones and Miss Williams are busy organising a trip out for the children.

The Great Snail Experiment!


In Science this morning, Miss Bowkett set us a challenge. we had to find out which food the snails liked best. We had a choice of sweetcorn, tomato or banana.

First we made a prediction. then we carried out an investigation to find out which food they would choose.

In the experiment we made sure that it was fair. We put the snail in the middle of a piece of card and put the three foods around the edge. then we made sure the cardboard was wet so the snails could move. Snails don’t like dry areas. We waited for a while and watched what happened. We found that both snails went to the banana so we concluded that snails like banana the best!



Over the next two weeks we will be making our own leaflets to inform people how to look after African Land Snails as a pet. To start this topic we explored the features of leaflets and thought about what we would need to include in our own leaflet. We then cut out examples from leaflets as a reference for the next two weeks.

Our African mud huts


Yesterday we started to think about the houses in Africa. We watched a video clip about a family who are building their house in Africa. The video was very informative.


We then made our own mud huts, thinking about the different types of materials and what the house should look like. We had lots of fun getting dirty and being very creative.

Meet Turbo and Rosie


This week we had two new class pets, two African land snails who we have named Rosie and Turbo.

On Wednesday we had a visitor who gave us a very interesting talk about invertebrates. We learnt lots of information about invertebrates and the different invertebrates we would find in Africa.


After our visit we then made our own snails complete with African art. We thought about the colours we should include in our art and really focussed on using patterns.

Writing our own story

On Monday we started to think about writing our own story based on places we have been.

To plan our story we used a story map. This helped us to show the path of the story and make sure we had an opening, a problem and a resolution. We then used our story maps to tell our stories to our friends.