Monthly Archives: October 2021

Amazing Art

This week in Puffins the children have looked at the very famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

During this weeks art lessons the children were given the challenge to draw their self portraits. They also coloured in the picture ‘Starry Night’ using pencil crayons to show different shades and tones and completed the picture ‘Sunflowers’ using oil pastels and water colours.

In maths Puffins have been using Part Part Whole models to partition amounts.

During P.E this week the Puffins have learnt how to do a forward roll! They practised each movement then put them all together in a sequence. Well done puffins!!

Enjoying Drama

During PSHE this week we have been discussing ‘peacemakers’. The children have then practiced their ‘peacemaker’ methods in different role play scenarios. Here are some photos and the scenarios they are role-playing:

Arguing over a game you are playing:

Not letting other children play with you:

Someone has fallen over:

Using unkind hands:

Using unkind words:

In maths this week we have been looking at amounts and ordering them from greatest to smallest.

The children have also really enjoyed their golden time this week!!!


This week in English the children have been writing speech for characters from the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. As an anchor task, the children were put into groups to think of ideas about what the characters might say. They were given puppets as props to help initiate conversation.