Monthly Archives: October 2019

Happy or unhappy play time

The Puffins have being discussing what makes a happy or unhappy play time.

I happy when I play with friends – Jacob
It’s a happy playtime when people are nice to met – Karla
It’s an unhappy playtime when someone hits me – Declan
I’m not happy at playtime if I fall and my friends don’t help – Tatenda

So the Puffins created their own playtime rules to make playtime a happy time and discussed the different scenarios with each other to ensure there was a solution.

Rosa Parks

For Black History Month the children learnt about the amazing Rosa Parks and how she changed the law in America to ensure all people were treated equally regardless of their colour. The children were astonished by how people of colour were treated differently and learnt how Rosa Parks not only just sat on the bus she was making a stand against racism.