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Our week on fractions


This week Puffin class have been working hard learning about fractions of an amount. We have a good understanding of finding ½ and ¼ of shapes so we are now applying our skills to find fractions of an amount. We have had a very practical week this week, concentrating on using physical equipment to support our understanding. We used paper plates folded in 2 (to represent finding ½) and 4 (to represent finding ¼). We have worked very hard this week and Mrs Jones is very proud of how well we used the skills and understood the difficult concept.

Puffin stars!

IMG_0038 IMG_0045

Well done to all children for working hard on their number clubs and spellings this week.

It is really important that children practise these skills regularly at home to support all of their school work.
If you would like to work with your children throughout the holiday to support their phonic development, here are some useful websites that will support this:

Spelling stars
• Miranda
• Anastasya
• Ishmael
• Joshua
• Paris
• Sophie
• Ruby

Number club stars
• Lucas
• Alfie
• Anastasya
• Isabella
• Ellesse

The Animal Man visits Puffins


Today Year 1 Puffin class had a visit from some lovely furry friends. We were very excited to meet the different animals and handle the cuddly creatures.

We met a python, chameleon, skunk, owl and a fox.

The skunk was an albino skunk so his fur was white. He was very smelly but we all had a stroke and some of us had a cuddle with him.

Some of us (including Mrs Jones) overcame our fears and touched the snake. We were surprised how nice and soft he was, we expected him to be scaly. We are very brave in puffin class and held the snake around our necks.

The barn owl was lovely and soft, we were surprised to find out he has fantastic hearing (3 times that of a human) so we had to be a bit quieter when we met him. He really wanted to go for a fly in our lovely large hall.

The chameleon was trying to disguise himself as a leaf. An interesting fact about chameleons is that they have a cup on their head so they can catch the rain water and drink it.
Our favourite animal was the baby fox, who was only eight weeks old. He was from a different country so he was black, unlike the red foxes we get in this country.

We all enjoyed a cuddle with him and his fur was so soft. We had a lovely afternoon with the animals and it was a lovely experience.

Wanted pirates!

IMG_0713 IMG_0712

This week in History we learnt about two famous pirates, Blackbeard and Sir Francis Drake. We listened to lots of information about the crimes they had committed and why they needed to be captured. We started by collecting lots of adjectives to describe the pirates so we knew exactly what they looked like, we worked really hard as a team to sound out unknown words. We then used this information to create our wanted posters, we wanted them caught so we used some good descriptions and fantastic drawings.


Money, money, money


This week in Maths we are concentrating on money. We recapped the different coin values and had lots of fun matching the coins and handling real and toy money. We then started thinking about finding the total amounts of money. We practised writing number sentences using the different coin values and then used number lines/ hundred squares to support our calculations. We are getting very good at recognising coins and using their values.

Instruction writing



This week in Literacy we are focussing on instructional writing. We are writing instructions based on the book ‘The lighthouse keepers lunch’. We started by thinking about why we use instructions and where we find them. We then thought about making sandwiches for Mr Grinling (the main character). We created lists of ingredients and equipment we would need and then made our sandwiches, some of us chose some very strange fillings (jam and tomato!). We incorporated maths by deciding how we should cut up our sandwiches, some of us chose half (2 pieces) and some of us chose quarters (4 pieces). We are going to be writing our own instructions by the end of the week using our imperative verbs. We will post them up on Friday.

Following sequence

Well done Maddison and Mirdanda
Well done Maddison and Mirdanda

Year 1 used Purple Mash’s 2Go application to follow a set of algorithms in a sequence.

Mr Baddhan tasked the children to find the quickest sequence to get from one destination to another. They were asked to write their instructions first and then test them on the computer.

Well done to Joshua F, Joshua B, Maddison and Miranda for showing excellent understanding and explaining their choice of algorithms.

Number bonds to 20


This week in Maths we are concentrating on our number bonds to 20. The children have worked really hard to learn their number bonds to 10 and so we are now progressing on to 20. We completed a range of activities today to support our calculations. We are starting to make the links with our number bonds to 10 and how these can support our working. We are also looking at the patterns we can notice to support our working.

Our new class book


Today we started to read our new book, which we will be looking at for the next two weeks. We are reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.

We started by discussing our thoughts on the book by just looking at the front cover.

After we had read half of the book, we predicted our own endings. Here are some of our ideas;