Monthly Archives: March 2019

The Magic Porridge Pot

Today in English the children have been acting out our wishing tale ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. After the superb performances the children in small groups devised questions they would ask the characters when we were hot seating. The children were great at using the question words and ensuring the questions were relevant to our story.

Latin music

This week in Music the children discovered Latin music via Ricky Martin’s “Livin La Vida Loca”. The children loved the energy of the song with everyone dancing along.

‘This music makes me feel happy and want to keep dancing’ Maya
‘I can hear a trumpet and it’s playing quick’ Krista
‘It’s a really fast beat and has a electric guitar’ Liam

The children then moved on to applying their new Latin beats to their Chranga song using the glockenspiels.

Understanding courage

As part of this weeks RE session the children have learnt the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Firstly the children read the and demonstrated their understanding by sequencing the events of the story. Then children moved on to discussing what courage is and times they have shown courage with their talk partners and the class.

Creating animations

During Computing, Year 1 Puffins have this afternoon enjoyed creating their own animations using Pivot Stick Animator.

Mr Baddhan explained to the children of what an animation is and that each animation includes a collection of frames.

Using the Pivot Stick Animatior program, the children were asked to create dancing stick men, which they all enjoyed.

Coding and debugging

In Computing with Mr Baddhan today, Year 1 Puffins used the 2Code program in Purple Mash. They used their coding skills to program fishes to move in specific directions using the “when clicked” block.

The children also debugged (fixed a mistake) parts of the code to get it working correctly.

Describing toys

During Computing, Year 1 Puffins have today been using adjectives to describe toys.

The children used a word bank to describe different toys including lego blocks, a teddy bear and many others.

Later in the lesson, Puffins were asked to type in their own adjectives for each toy.

Sequence and directions

Year 1 Puffins continued their understanding of writing instructions when using Code for Life’s Rapid Router website.

Puffins worked through the levels as they programmed a van to move from one point to another using programming blocks.

The blocks were as follows:

– Move Forwards
– Move Backwards
– Turn Left
– Turn Right

The children came across various challenges including working out the correct turn to use (left or right). Some children did really well working this out however the others had to use a BeeBot to help them work out the correct direction.

The children were also introduced to a new Computing term called sequence. When programming, it is important to make sure that all the steps are presented in the correct order – this is sequence.

Here is an example of a real life sequence – in the correct order.