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Expressing and respecting opinions

Today in circle time, the Puffins were learning how to express their own opinions and to respect other people’s opinions. We all decided on 3 things we would like to change in our playground. We then used out sad face and happy face to discuss what the children’s opinions were. We also ensured if the children gave an opinion then they had to have a good reason for it.

‘I would like new seating because it’s too low for me’ Krista
‘I think we don’t need seats because they cost too much money’ Dora

‘I would love to have swings because they are fun’ Scarlett
‘I hate going on swings they are too high and you could kick someone in the playground’ Daisy B

Using emojis online

This week so far the children have been doing a variety of activities to ensure they understand how to keep safe online with the added bonus of Safer Internet Week. As part of our circle time the children have discussed what emojis they would used for a variety of scenarios.

We also ensured the Puffins know what to do if these scenarios happened and they were very confident in doing the right thing. Well done puffins!

Discussing our value word honesty

During circle time today we explored honesty through a game of two truths and a lie. We had lots of fun making things up about ourselves and sharing them with each other.

Here are some examples of our two truths and a lie.

I don’t like your hair.
I like your earrings.
I like your eyes.

I have blonde hair.
I don’t have any bones.
I am a girl.

I love to read books.
I love apples.
I am having a baby.

I don’t have a mum.
I live in a house.
I have blue eyes.

I have black shoes.
I don’t go to school.
I have black hair.

We then thought about how we know when someone is telling fibs and lying. These are some of the signs we thought of: