Monthly Archives: April 2017

Sunflower competition

Wow what a busy afternoon! We finished learning about our value word by making Friendship Soup, adding in all the key ingredients to make a great friendship. Next we celebrated the entries for our sunflower competition. Well done to all the children who brought them in and clearly looked after them well. Amelia was the overall winner with a fantastic height of 15cm winning the special prize. Finally finishing the day with some much needed and deserved golden time using our new pirate role play area.

Split digraphs sounds

This week the Puffins are working extra hard to learn all their split digraphs sounds. Each day they will be learning what they are, how to recognise them and how to use them within the correct words. This is a hard concept and they are so far doing fantastically at the understanding and practical applying of the a_e and e_e. Keep up the good work Puffins!