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Listening to instructions

To finish our focussed week of Behaviours for Learning, the Puffins put their listening skills and concentration skills to the test. Miss Coghlan gave them strict instructions on what to draw on their boards. They really had to concentrate and listen to see if their pictures matched Miss Coghlan’s. Some of the outcomes were very funny! This was meant to be an ice cream ?

Behaviours for Learning

This week in the afternoons the Puffins have been focussing on Listening and Concentrating. Today we played Guess the Noise and children did a great job really showing great listening skills to pick out the correct sounds. We moved on to writing A Guide to Good Listening as a whole class, discussing what does good listening look like and how do we know good listening has taken place.

At the end of the day the children demonstrated their fantastic listening and concentration skills by following an online drawing lesson to draw Spiderman.

Listening and Concentration

What a fantastic day the Puffins had yesterday all been back to together in class ? After having a good catch-up with friends and teachers we focussed on getting reacquainted with our Behaviours for Learning, ensuring we focus on listening and concentrating to help with our learning. We discussed all the things that help us listen ‘a quiet room’ Poppy ‘having the rules so children know when to be quiet and when to talk’ Olivia. We also discussed what hinders our listening and concentration in class, ‘People walking through’ Ollie and ‘friends talking to me’ Evelyn.

After we learnt how we can stay focussed enough to concentrate by following the Concentration Candle from Cosmic Kids.

Concentration and listening

Today before moving onto our new learning behaviours, we practiced our previous learning for behaviours ‘concentration’ and ‘listening’. To demonstrate good concentration the child had to complete some spot the difference. For listening skills the children had to guess the noise the noisy neighbours were making. Finally we played the game Miss Coghlan says.

Being responsible

As part of our PSHE lesson today, we focused on how vets have the responsibility of looking after animals. We discussed what we would need to provide to be responsible pet owns.

‘They need to be played with’ Jason
‘You need to give them food and water’ Frishta
‘You need to love them like I love my guinea pig’ Millie
‘They need to be taken for walks’ Amelie

We went on to discuss what we are responsible for.

Behaviours for learning

As part of behaviours for learning focus today Puffins have been expanding their concentration techniques. First we have to count to 50 without saying the number 4, then we had to not get distracted by our friends pulling faces at us (even when they were really funny!) and finally we had to balance a book on our heads whilst moving. All of these skills take an amazing amount of concentration and the Puffins were great at it.

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

In PSHE today the children have discussed what responsibility means and what they are responsible for:

Tommy O – looking after my new baby
Lily – looking after my dog
Dehwa – looking afer my toys
Havana – looking after my rabitt and dog at nanny and granddads
Dylan – to get changed all by myself
Pippa – looking my little sister
Mila – looking after my bunny rabbit
Ali – looking after my toys
Charlie – to do what my mom says
Jacinta – looking after my toys
Tommy L – my teddy Samson
Connor – my cat
Jessica – looking after my cat and going to bed when my mom says
Ryan -feeding my baby sister a bottle
Frankie-Moe – looking after my toys
Kealiegh -looking after my dog and lizard
Millie – looking after my toys
Scarlet – looking after my baby and making my bed
Paige – looking after my rabbit and doing what my mom says
Jacob – looking after my Hulk
Oliver – looking after my animals and feeding them
Ava – looking after my teeth and making sure everyday I brush them
Ibrahim– to look after my brother
Leah – looking after my nanny and making sure she goes to bed
Tanatswa – looking after my sister and my toys
Seth – to look after my dog
Shai -Ann – I look after my mom and dad