Monthly Archives: March 2022

Week Beginning 14th March

This week in Puffins we have introduce Exclamation Marks and Alliteration to the children. We watched a BBC bitesize clip which explained and gave us some funny examples. The children then wrote their own sentences for the story Handa’s Surprise.

Puffins have worked very hard during Maths. This week we have been counting in tens and learning about place value to 50. We have completed lots of practical activities using dienes, part whole models, tens frames and number lines.

In Computing Puffins have enjoyed using the website ‘Code for Life’.  We went through the process of building an algorithm. The children were then partnered up and were sent to login and access it using a laptop. The children then worked through the levels building up algorithms creating movement on the screen with their partners.

In R.E Puffins listened to the story ‘The Prophet Mohammed’. We looked at the key words freedom, beliefs, proud and courage. Children then worked in pairs to think of times when they felt proud or might have been in a difficult situation and had to stand up for themselves or someone else.

This week in Geography Puffins have been looking at AFRICA! As a class we looked at where Africa is. We located it on a globe, map and Google Earth. The children loved looking at our huge floor map of the world which they then explored, labelling the 7 continents. The children then labelled a map in their books.

We also looked at pictures using Google Earth using the vocabulary of physical and human features from last term. The children where then set a challenge to sort pictures into the correct categories in their table groups.

This week during our Art lessons we have been using watercolours to create an African sunset. We discussed how to make colours lighter, darker and brighter using the paints. The children then went to their tables to make their own sunset pictures. While they dried they cut out an African animal silhouette and stuck it onto their sunset. We then had a look at how to create light and dark tones with a pencil and how to shade by using the slanted position with our hands. The children then had a go at drawing their favourite African animals. We think they are all amazing! Well done Puffins!

Also this week during art we have been looking at the colour wheel which the children then got to paint using water colours.

In PSHE the children have enjoyed listening to the book ‘Super Duper You’. The children then discussed how differences can make us special and how no-one is good at everything but everyone is good at something. To wrap up our lesson the children shared why they are so special as a circle time.

 On Friday it was Red Nose day and WOW!!! You all looked FANTASTIC! We would like to say a huge “Thankyou!!” for your generosity.

Week beginning 28th February

This week in English Puffins have enjoyed looking at poetry and rhymes. We have been exploring poetic vocabulary from the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear. The children have also been reciting the poem ‘The Crocodile’ by Christine F Fletcher ready to perform in the poetry assembly.

During computing this week the children have been using the Bee Bots. We began by reminding the children of how the bee bots work and what an algorithm is. The children were then given some simple algorithms to program the Bee Bots to go to a chosen destination on the mat.

This week has been very special as we had a visit from T.M Jorden, the author of ‘The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted’. He told us all about how he began as an author and the process he went through to get published. He then invited the children to ask any questions they might have. Tim then read a chapter to all the children and we managed to grab a quick photo of him and Lord Ted.

The children have loved sharing their favourite books from home this week and They all looked amazing in their costumes!!

Puffins have LOVED ERIC this week, we have been enjoying books with our friends in unusual places and of course flashlight Friday!

In PSHE Puffins have been looking at their likes and dislikes and discussing how people have different opinions. We have been learning to recognise and respect others differences. The children discussed this with their talk partners. We also looked at the book ‘My Mum and Dad make m laugh’ by Nick Sharatt.