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Amazing Art

This week in Puffins the children have looked at the very famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

During this weeks art lessons the children were given the challenge to draw their self portraits. They also coloured in the picture ‘Starry Night’ using pencil crayons to show different shades and tones and completed the picture ‘Sunflowers’ using oil pastels and water colours.

In maths Puffins have been using Part Part Whole models to partition amounts.

During P.E this week the Puffins have learnt how to do a forward roll! They practised each movement then put them all together in a sequence. Well done puffins!!

Vincent Van Gogh

This week our topic has been art. We are currently looking at and appreciating the works of Vincent Wan Gogh. Whilst using different coloured pencils to get different tones we used Starry Night painting for our inspiration. Whilst colouring we listened to the soft voice of Don McClean singing Starry Starry Night about the life of Vincent Van Gogh.