Monthly Archives: January 2015

Using digital cameras

Today in our Computing lesson, we explored the use of a digital camera and why we use camera’s. We discussed the different buttons on the camera and modeled how to turn the camera off and on. We then started taking photographs of our favourite toys from the classroom. We really enjoyed using the camera. Next week we will be using these photographs next week in computing.

Here are a few samples of children taking photos of their favourite toys.

Snow is so exciting!


When the snow started to fall the excitement in class was building. The children were so excited to see the snow and stood at the window watching the snow hoping Mrs Jones would let us out to play.

Comments from children included:

– I have never seen so much snow
– It looks so comfy, can I go and make a snow angel
– Wow, look how white the playground is

Coins value


Today we continued our work on money. We started by discussing the names and values of the coins. We then thought about the value of the coins and ordered these from the lowest value to the highest. We discussed the size of the coins and how this is not relevant when looking at the value.

Research in literacy


In literacy today we had a very fun lesson. Mrs Jones got the iPads and netbooks and we were very excited to be using these for our literacy work. Today we started researching dinosaurs ready for the non-chronological report we are writing next week. We each chose a dinosaur and then used books and the internet to find out facts (true pieces of information).

We used the following sub-headings to gather information:
What they eat
What they look like
How they move
Other information

2D and 3D shapes

IMG_1036 IMG_1033

In Maths we split our lesson in to two parts. First we went on a shape hunt around the school. We looked for different 2d and 3d shapes.

Here are some of the shapes we found:
The bin is a cylinder
The computer is a cuboid
The pencil pot is a triangular prism
The ball is a sphere

We then made our own models out of 3d shapes. The children were very creative using a range of boxes and bottles for different body parts. We then described the shapes in our models.

Lexi the cat – cuboid, cylinder, circle and triangle for her ears.
Spot the dog – Cube, cuboid, cylinders
Spongebob roller pants – Cube, cylinder
Luke the robot – 2 cuboids, 4 cylinders



Today during circle time we shared a story about friendship. We thought about what it takes to be a good friend. This is especially important so new children in our class make new friends and are happy at school. We then thought about the qualities of a good friend and why we are friends with certain children.



Settings for a story


This term we are looking at the book ‘Where the wild things are’ for literacy. As part of this unit of work we are going to be writing our own story, where Max will have a new adventure. We gathered lots of different ideas about where Max could visit next. We then made our ideas into our very own settings we had space, gardens, under the sea and even a princess bedroom. We enjoyed thinking about what we might find in our settings and then using lots of different materials to make our own shoe box setting. We really enjoyed being creative and sharing our different ideas together as a class. The settings are going to make a wonderful display in our classroom.


IMG_0968 IMG_0947

Our new topic for this term is dinosaurs. To start our topic we looked at different dinosaurs and made a timeline from dinosaurs to humans.

1. Millions of years ago we had dinosaurs.
2. A long time ago we had apes.
3. Now we have people.

This week we have been making our own fossils using salt dough and different dinosaurs and creatures.

Here are some facts about fossils:

Our role play is linked with our new topic. We have our own dinosaur dig and museum. We can dig up fossils and role play as dinosaurs. We have our very own dinosaur egg in the classroom which is hatching. We are all very excited!!