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Celebration card shop

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Today we finished our money week by opening a celebration card shop. Our parents were happy to get out of the rain and we were happy to help them spend their money. We really enjoyed selling our cards and handling money. We were very good shop keepers, making sure people paid for their items and handing back their change.

Mrs Jones has counted the money after school and the shop raised £29 profit. The children have been discussing how we could spend the money this afternoon, sharing some very good ideas.

All about the money!


At the start of the week we thought about what we knew about money before we started the topic. We had lots of ideas about how we used money and where money came from, however we were unsure of what money looked like and the different coins.


Today we had another think about money, collecting the ideas about what we now know. We know lots of information about the different coins and also how and where we use money.

Working to a budget


In Maths today we were given a budget to make a celebration card. We were given a budget of 15p and 20p to make celebration cards for any celebration we wanted. Mrs Jones opened up a shop and gave us a price list. We had to think carefully about what we wanted on our cards as we didn’t want to waste our money.

We spent our money well and no-one asked for extra money. We are very proud of our cards and sticking to budget.

Celebration cards


Today we started our week on money. As part of money week we are going to be making celebration cards and selling them to our parents. We started today by looking at different coins and what they are worth. We role played the shopping experience and played board games to help us become familiar with the coins. We started by matching 1p coins to the total, we then started using different coins that would make the total. We really enjoyed our first lesson on money!