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Maths Week problem!


Throughout this week we have been participating in a range of maths challenges. The aim for the week was to complete maths challenges and not give up, even when they got tricky.

We completed a Sudoku puzzles, logic problems, measuring activities along with general problem solving linked to our dinosaur topic. This morning we took the opportunity to share our work with Year 2 and look at what problems each class had been completing.


This week has given the children the chance to try and try again, without feeling like they had failed at a task. During the afternoons we then turned our attention to our topic of dinosaurs and thinking about measurements. Today we answered the question;

Who would have been tallest; a dinosaur or a person?

To complete this task we first researched how tall the dinosaurs were. We then used the measuring tape to measure out in feet and inches. These measurements don’t really mean much to us at the moment so we compared the size to children. We had lots of fun measuring each other and finding alternative ways to make the measurement. Poor Chandler and Sumeiya were chosen constantly as we always found that other children were just a little bit too tall. Our final outcome was that dinosaurs were definitely bigger, especially the T-rex.

During check out this afternoon, we discussed the things we have enjoyed about school this week. It was clear that all children have enjoyed the challenge of maths week and really embraced persevering.


How big is a dinosaur?


This afternoon Puffin class received an email, we found out that a dinosaur had been in our school last night. We were so shocked we went on an adventure looking for clues. We found half eaten carrots, mud, our plants all eaten and an enormous muddy footprint. Here are the pictures we received.

1 2 3

We were given the task to find out how big he was. We tried lots of different methods but none of them measured the footprint accurately.

We then thought about using our shoes to compare the dinosaur with us. We split into groups, took off our shoes and started to measure.

This is what we found;

7 shoes + 7 shoes + 7 shoes + 8 shoes = 29 shoes

This meant that the dinosaurs footprint was the same size as 29 of our feet. He must be enormous.

We then thought about finding a home for 29 children (because they are the same size as the triceratops). We tried Mrs Roses room, the sunshine room, the media centre and the staff room. However nowhere is big enough to keep him.

The only place we could find to keep him, was outside. However, we thought of lots of problems with him being outside;


We concluded that we can’t keep him because he is just too big.

Making a fantasy setting


Over the past week in English we have been developing our own ideas to write fantasy stories based on Where the wild things are. We started by creating a list of fantasy settings that Max could visit on his boat. We thought about fantasy stories we enjoy and borrowed some of the ideas. We have been busy creating these settings, using a range of craft materials and including lots of details. We worked hard in pairs to create our settings and we really enjoyed being creative. Mrs Jones was very impressed with our effort and she is proud to share them on the display in our classroom.

Once we had created our settings, we then thought about characters that might live in the settings. We thought of lots of ideas including; aliens in space, mermaids under the sea, dinosaurs in the desert, princesses in kingdoms and talking crabs at the beach. Once we had created our characters we made them in to finger puppets to start developing our story ideas. We have some fantastic ideas to start planning our stories. When we have written our stories we will share some examples.

Weekend Wow Moments!


Today we celebrated our wow moments from over the weekend. We are growing up very fast in Year 1 and our wow moments reflect this. We have been busy cooking and cleaning, along with taking responsibility to complete our homework.


Keep sending in wow moments for us to share in class, it is lovely to see the children’s achievements (no matter how big or small).

Wow moments!

In Year 1 we now have a new wow moments board to celebrate the children’s success both in and out of school. We will write up wow moments from in school and parents are encouraged to share the children’s achievements at home.

Here are some of our special moments from this week.


We look forward to hearing about other special achievements so we can celebrate together.

Dinosaur Drawings

In Art this week we have been thinking about the size of our drawings and developing our drawing skills. We used shapes and circles to show us how to develop our pictures, which then create the finished result. It took a bit of time to get used to this way of drawing but we were all soon creating some fantastic dinosaur drawings.

We then had an art gallery so we could appreciate each other’s work, here are some of our comments.

I liked the drawing because it had lots of detail.
I liked their drawing because they took their time with it.
I liked the drawing because they were neat.
I liked the dinosaurs because they took their time and it was very good.
I liked the drawing because I could see what they were drawing and they were very clear.
I liked the drawings because she used the drawings to help her make the dinosaurs the correct size.

Fantasy story – exploring vocabular

This week in English, we started our fantasy story topic. We have started work on ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maurice Sendak. We started the week, exploring the different vocabulary in the story and having lots of discussion.

Wild things
animals that are ready to fight
running wild
wild things that don’t belong to anyone
might live in a forest
they are not pets

Something not good
Do something bad
Being a bit naughty
Being silly
Being sneaky
Doing something wrong
Being cheeky



We then moved on to describing the settings using adjectives, using these to write interesting sentences. Our focus this week is to make our sentences longer using the conjunction ‘and’, we have worked really hard and Mrs Jones has been very impressed.

Video: e-Safety recap and song

Today in Computing we recapped what we could remember about e-Safety and keeping safe when using the internet. We have a fantastic understanding of e-Safety and remembered lots of rules that will help keep us safe.


We then read the story ‘The adventures of Smarty the penguin’.

The story really made us think about the right decisions that we need to make when using computers and we gave Smarty lots of helpful rules and hints. We then finished by learning an e-safety song to help us remember to think on the internet.