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3D shapes


Today we looked at 3d shapes. We made sure we could name the shapes accurately and describe their properties. We used the key words: edges, faces and corners.
We then made models using our shapes and described each part of our model using the shape names.

We thought about real life objects that look like 3d shapes. Here are our ideas:
Sphere – ball, Earth, moon, football
Cone – ice cream cone, traffic cone, megaphone
Cube – cupboard, washing machine, box, dice
Cuboid – block of flats, fridge freezer, interactive whiteboard


Puffin class have courage!

Today we thought about courage and how we need to be brave to overcome our fears. Here are some of our thoughts for today.


We decided that we need ‘everyday courage’ next week for our assembly. We are a bit nervous about performing in front of the whole school and our parents but we are going to be brave and face our fears.

Puffin Superstars!


Well done to all children for working so hard this week. We have all completed our phonics screening checks and tried our best. Mrs Jones was very impressed with all our hard work and for remembering all our phonic sounds. We will keep you updated when we know the results of the check.

Our fantastic week continued with our spellings this week. An amazing 20 children got their spellings correct and everyone tried hard. Spelling in Year 1 is really improving and the children’s hard work at home is really paying off.

Well done on a fantastic week Year 1. You are all superstars!

Father’s Day

This week we have been creating our Father’s Day cards ready for our Dads on Sunday. We wanted to keep them linked with our topics so we made our dads looks like pirates. We had lots of fun getting our hands dirty and being creative.

Here are some of our messages to our Dad’s for Father’s Day:

Pirate flags


During our topic and art work this week, we made our own pirate flags. First we started by looking at famous pirate flags and discussing the significance of the design. We came to the conclusion that pirates were very gruesome and their designs were all made to warn other ships. We had lots of fun designing our flags and then thinking about the reasons for our choices.



This week in Puffin class, our focus in Maths has been multiplication. Mrs Jones was very impressed with how much we have remembered about multiplication. We started the week looking at grouping and repeated addition and now we have progressed to using arrays to find the answers to our multiplication questions. We have used a range of practical equipment and drawings to complete our arrays and used our fantastic counting skills to find the answers.

Phonics Screening

Next week (week commencing 15th June) the children will be completing their phonics screening check. Please practise their phonics as much as possible at home this weekend to support their understanding. The children have worked really hard to learn their phonics sounds and I am very pleased with their progress. It is really important that children are in school every day next week. Let’s showcase our hard work in Puffin class.


Possible activities:
– Pairs matching
– Treasure and trash
– Sound buttons

Suggested websites
Phonics Play
BBC Phonics website

Video: Discussing a piece of music

Today Mrs Jones played us When I’m 62 by The Beatles.

We listened to the music before sharing our thoughts. We started keeping the beat throughout the song independently and Mrs Jones was very impressed.

Here are the questions we discussed:

Did you like the song?
Reuben – Yes, I like the beat.
Isabella – Yes, I liked the singing.
Llukan – No, it is too slow.
Oscar – Yes, it is nice and quiet. It is not too loud.
Maddison – Yes, I liked the words.

What can you hear?
Khaltum – I could hear a flute.
Ishmael – I could hear a trumpet.
Miranda – I could hear a piano.
Kyle – The drum is keeping the beat.

After warming up our voices, we then continued practising our pirate songs. We have learnt the words well and we have started to use the backing track to sing all the way through.

Split digraphs

Today we looked at the split digraphs i-e and e-e.

Here are some examples of words containing these split digraphs.
i-e words

e-e words
theme park

We completed a range of activities practicing our reading and writing of the words. We made sure we used sound buttons on our words to support our segmenting and to help us read the unknown words.
If you would like to support your child to use sound buttons, the video below gives a brief overview of how they are used to segment words.