Monthly Archives: April 2018

Stand up for yourself

Today the Puffins have had a big discussion about how we can stand-up for themselves and what they belief in. In groups they acted out different scenarios they would face if they had to stand up for themselves.
‘We could just say that’s your opinion to the other person’ Ryan
‘We could walk away and not say anything back’ Millie

Following this we decided on the best way to calm down if we got upset or angry.
‘We could think of something different’ Dehwa
‘We could go somewhere quiet to calm down’ Paige

We finished the lesson with learning some calming breathing techniques and gentle yoga.

Labeling our toys

During Computing, Year 1 Puffins have today been labeling their toys using Purple Mash. They took photographs of their toys and today started to think about adjectives to describe their toys.

The children used the labeling 2DiY program to label their toys using words like fluffy, soft, hard, cute, nose, eyes, ears etc.

Mr Baddhan was impressed with all the children who completed today’s lesson really well.