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Year 1 at Multiskills event

On Wednesday Year 1 were invited to take part in a Multiskills event at the Tennis Centre. We had been practising these skills in our PE sessions and this was our opportunity to show them off!

We took a coach and joined several other schools for a morning of fun. There were a variety of activities including:

• Throwing and catching
• Balancing
• Space hoppers
• Parachute
• Running
• Aiming

Our scores were recorded for each event and given in at the end.

We don’t know the results yet but all the supervisors said our scores were some of the highest they had seen so… FINGERS CROSSED!!

Have a look at our book!

Year 1 can now proudly present our pages from the Build a Book project we took part in on Tuesday. Rob Bowden has typed out our work and used some of our own illustrations to bring our pages to life. We looked at our pages today and we were all very proud of ourselves and amazed that our work could look so professional!

We have seen Reception and Year 2’s book pages but we are excited to see the whole book once it is complete.

Are you impressed with our research?


Parents help with Dinosaurs activities

Today we had our second Parents’ Morning and lots of our parents came in to help us with our learnign for a bit. All our activities were centred around dinosaurs and focused on letter formation, motor skills or punctuation. We found out some brilliant facts and wrote some amazing sentences so a big THANK YOU to all those who came! The Parents’ Morning next week (Wednesday 12th) will focus on some key Maths skills so please come along and learn with us- even if you can only stay for 10 minutes you would be very welcome 🙂

In our Literacy lesson we continued our author study by revisiting the Anthony Browne books we had looked at earlier in the week. With our talk partners we discussed our favourite ones and why we liked them. We then learnt what it meant to ‘review’ something and became experts for the morning! In our book reviews we included:

  • The title
  • The author’s name
  • Whether the book was fiction or non fiction
  • What the book is about
  • Who the book is suitable for
  • If we would recommend the book
  • How we would rate the book out of 5

It was good fun deciding the types of people who would be interested in each book. Would you like to read an Anthony Browne book? Have a look at some of our book reviews and see if we can persuade you!

Building a Book

Today we were very lucky to continue our Book Week adventures by working with a real author. Wow!

Rob Bowden has written dozens of non-fiction books for children and we were very lucky to have him in school to help us create some pages of our own non-fiction text. Our pages were about dinosaurs, because that is our topic.

In the morning Rob took an assembly for the whole school and explained to us all the different people who are involved in making a book- there were 12 different jobs! After that we worked in ‘discovery groups’ in the classroom to investigate different things about dinosaurs. We used iPads, non-fiction books, our own knowledge, videos, songs and the knowledge of others to help us find the answers to these questions…

  • How big were the dinosaurs?
  • How much did a dinosaur weigh?
  • What did dinosaurs eat?
  • How can we find out more about dinosaurs?
  • What did dinosaurs look like?

We also took some photographs and typed up some interesting ‘Did You Know…?’ facts that we had learned. Did YOU know that a diplodocus could live to over 100 years old??

In the afternoon, Rob took all the information we had discovered and talked to us about how we wanted it to look on the page, so we would get a chance to help with the design. We chose to have a browny green background (because we thought it was the same colour as dinosaur skin) and have dinosaur eggs with page numbers in them.
After we had designed it as a class, Rob typed up and arranged out pictures and information on the page.


Here are some pictures of us working with Rob and doing our research (including measuring out how long a T-Rex was!).

Brilliant Book Week!!

Monday has been the start of Book Week at Bells Farm and Year 1 have thrown themselves into it! We love stories but are also finding non-fiction books more interesting now… especially as it means we get to learn more about DINOSAURS!

Mrs Sabir bought some new books for our class and two of our favourites are ‘There’s a T-Rex in Town’ and ‘There’s a Triceratops in the Treehouse’. Both of these are non-fiction books and have lots of exciting facts in them… Did you know a T-Rex could eat the same amount of meat as 2000 hamburgers in just 1 bite??

Last term we looked at a range of books by David McKee and this term our new author study is Anthony Browne. We have already read 5 of his books and will be looking more closely at a few of them later in the term. Today we studied the covers of our favourite Anthony Browne books and we noticed that they all had these things in common:

  • A clear, bold title
  • Bright colours
  • Interesting illustrations
  • The name of the author

With these things in mind, we tried designing our own front cover for an Anthony Browne book. These are by Shayla, Dexter, Nicola, Emily and Ronnie- do you think they meet all the success criteria?