Monthly Archives: December 2015

Christmas Party


Today we have had a lovely festive day, finishing off our Christmas activities and then enjoying a lovely Christmas party. We all looked wonderful in our party clothes and really got into the Christmas spirit. We took part in a range of dance competitions before wearing ourselves out and needing re-fuelling. After food, we had a lovely visit from Father Christmas who was very jolly and entertained us. He checked whether we were good boys or girls before handing us a lovely present. We then finished off with a lovely Christmas film to calm ourselves back down.

Our week on fractions


This week we have started to look at fractions. This is something we haven’t really looked at before so we have completed lots of practical activities to support our understanding. We started by thinking about whole objects and how we could split them, this then developed along with our language, here are some of our key words for fractions.


We then started to think about what happens when we split our whole in to two (to find halves) and four (to find quarters).

Here are some fraction facts;
– If you split a whole in to two equal parts you have halves.
– All parts need to be the same size.
– ½ add ½ = whole
– If you split a whole in to four equal parts you have quarters.
– If you take away ¼ from a whole you are left with ¾.

We are having lots of fun learning about fractions.

Seasons art


Today in Art, we linked our Art lesson to seasons. We have learnt lots about seasons and we wanted to use this information to create some fantastic art work. We started by recapping the different seasons and thought about the key details for each season. Here are our ideas below.


We then started to think about drawing our ideas, Mrs Jones said this stage was really important so that we knew exactly what we wanted to include in our picture before we started to add materials. We discussed the different materials we could use and how we could create different effects by scrunching, rolling, pulling and cutting the different materials. We then created some fantastic art work that Mrs Jones can’t wait to display in our classroom.