Monthly Archives: March 2017

Life cycle

As part of a our plants topic for science we have learnt all about wild flowers, different plants and how they function and life cycles. Today the children have learnt all about what a plant needs to grow, they are going to use this information to look after the sunflower they planted. They will be taking it home to look after and after the Easter the children will be bring back their plants and the tallest plant wins a prize.

Butterfly Farm trip

Today the Puffins had their school trip to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon. The children had a fantastic time looking at all the butterflies and minibeasts. We even had time to have a play outside and lunch in the sun.

Miss Coghlan would like to say how proud she was of the Puffins and the behaviour they displayed throughout the day. Well done.

Creating stick animations

During Computing, Year 1 Puffins have this afternoon enjoyed creating their own animations using Pivot Stick Animator.

Mr Baddhan explained to the children of what an animation is and that each animation includes a collection of frames.

Using the Pivot Stick Animatior program, the children were asked to create dancing stick men, which they all enjoyed.

Learning about the green screen

During Computing today, Year 1 Puffins have been learning about the green screen today and filmed themselves describing facts about toys.

Puffins learned that the green screen allows you to change the background to whatever you like. They watched a video of a weather report from another class that showed the green screen background changed to the UK map.

Today, they filmed each other describing facts about toys – they had to reemmber some important skills:
– Looking straight at the camera
– Not moving about
– Not swaying side to side
– Stay quiet when not reading

We will have the final video of the children reading their facts on this blog soon.