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Spelling Stars


Today we started to learn our new spelling rule for this week a-e. The children thought of lots of different words and we practised spelling the words, ready for our homework this weekend.

We thought of a little song to help us.
On its own the letter is a a,a,a
The e is a friend and helps us make an ‘ay’ sound


Well done to our spelling stars for their 100% score.
Joshua T
Joshua F

Get practising Puffins ready for next week.

Performing our poem

This week we have been learning all about the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. We explored the poem looking for rhyming words and also thinking about our senses. We have been practising saying the poem off by heart every day this week and developing actions to help us remember.

After a week of hard work we performed our poem to Year 2. Mrs Jones is very proud of us, especially because we learnt all three verses.

Keeping safe on the internet

IMG_1288 IMG_1287

This week we have been thinking about internet safety and how we can keep safe on the internet. We thought about why it is important to keep safe on the internet and some rules we can follow.

Here are our internet safety rules:
Do not speak to strangers
If you find something you do not like on the internet tell an adult straight away
Ask adults which websites we are allowed to use
Never speak to strangers online
Do not give out information online

We made our own safe hands, thinking about who can help us when we do not feel safe on the internet. We also role-played some scenarios about how we need to ask for help or speak to an adult if we are worried about anything on the internet.

Discussing ‘Caring’


As part of PSHE and circle time this week we have been thinking about our value word ‘Caring’ and also how we can look after the environment. We mind mapped lots of ideas about how we can take care of the environment. We then made posters to inform people about taking care of the environment.

Spelling stars!

Well done to all of Puffin class for practising their spellings and trying really hard on the test today.
A special well done to all children who got 100%.

Joshua T

I look forward to seeing lots of 100% scores after half term after an extra week of learning your spellings.

Mechanisms: Pivot points


Today we started our D&T week. To start our topic of mechanisms we started by looking at pivot points. We explored a range of objects to find the pivot point – scissors, hole punch, compass and the pedals on a bicycle. We then looked at using split pins to make our own pivot points.

Using a paper plate we made our very own split pin dinosaurs. We really enjoyed being creative and seeing our dinosaur develop. Once we had drew and cut out all the pieces we worked really carefully to attach all the pieces using split pins, it was hard work but we kept trying. We then finished our dinosaurs by painting them in a range of colours. We experimented using sponges to paint our dinosaurs to give us different effects.

The Owl and the Pussycat


Today we started our poetry work. We are learning the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. All week we will be learning the poem off by heart using actions to support. We will also be working on activities to support our poetry work.

After developing actions for the first verse of the poem we then thought about our senses and thought of adjectives to describe the senses throughout the poem.




Today we started our week on division. We started to think about sharing, exploring what we can share and how we share. We thought about splitting objects in to groups that were fair and the same. We also linked our sharing to fractions – if we share in to 2 groups we find ½ and if we share in to 4 groups we find ¼.

We had lots of hands on practise on the carpet sharing the multilink cubes between 2 groups. We worked really hard and moved one cube at a time. We counted each group after we had shared to check they were the same.