Monthly Archives: March 2016

Visitor from the Church


Today we had a special visit from Pauline, who works at our local church. She came in to talk to us about Easter and tell us a version of the Easter story. We listened carefully to the story and had lots of questions that made Pauline. She told us the story using eggs holding special parts of the story, they helped her to tell the story and we discussed why each part of the story was important.

Here are some of the facts we can remember about the Easter story.



On the Sunday before Easter, to start holy week, the church give out palm crosses. We have these to remember that Jesus died on the cross at Easter and that palm leaves were waved at Jesus as he walked to Jerusalem. Pauline gave us all a palm cross to take home.

Searching for Minibeasts


In Science we have been learning all about Minibeasts. Today we searched the Woodland Walk, field and Forest School to see if we could find any. We found lots hidden under logs and rocks. And even some in the trees.

Here are some of the amazing facts Puffin class have learnt about our Minibeast topic:


Discussing our value word honesty

During circle time today we explored honesty through a game of two truths and a lie. We had lots of fun making things up about ourselves and sharing them with each other.

Here are some examples of our two truths and a lie.

I don’t like your hair.
I like your earrings.
I like your eyes.

I have blonde hair.
I don’t have any bones.
I am a girl.

I love to read books.
I love apples.
I am having a baby.

I don’t have a mum.
I live in a house.
I have blue eyes.

I have black shoes.
I don’t go to school.
I have black hair.

We then thought about how we know when someone is telling fibs and lying. These are some of the signs we thought of:


Our growing broad beans


In Science over the past few weeks we have been learning about plants and what they need to grow. To support our understanding we planted our own broad beans. We started them off in paper towels and then planted them in soil once they had started to grow. We made sure they had plenty of water and sunlight so they would grow. We were very excited to see how tall they had grown and they made lovely presents for our mums on Mother’s Day.

Jonah and the Whale


In R.E we have been learning the story of Jonah and the Whale. We discussed why Jonah was swallowed by the whale and how we have consequences for our actions. We made links between our own choices and things that happen as a result, maybe as punishment for our actions.


We retold the story in groups role played the story. We then completed some lovely art work to display in our classroom.