Monthly Archives: May 2016

Number clubs


These children have done amazing this week and moved up in number club. Well done Demi, Lexi, Spohie, Evie, Katie, Megan and Niah.

This morning the Puffin class were using their listening skills to follow the instructions from their partner to draw a picture without seeing it. This is part of their instructions for their English this week.


The children listened very well and Brooke Ba and Brooke Be did an amazing job.

Manipulating our own photos


During today’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Puffins added effects and manipulated their own photos. Building with the knowledge they gained from yesterday’s lesson, Puffins used the program Phoxo to make their photos looks special.

Mr Baddhan was very impressed how quickly learning about special effects including colour tones, shadow, greyscale, blur and other various filters.

Well done Puffins.

Photo manipulation and effects


During Computing, Year 1 learned about photo manipulation and adding effects using a program called PhoXo.

Mr Baddhan explained to the children that manipulation means changing the photograph by adding different effects. The children tried adding various effects including distorting, adding colour tones and adding text effects.

Puffins really enjoyed today’s lesson. Tomorrow the children will focus on adding effects to their own selfies.