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Making cars

Before the half term the Puffins worked their socks off to design and build a moving car. They started with product and market research then they tested materials and created their designs using Purple Mash. Finally, they cut and shaped their car nets and sawed and glued their own moving wheels. They did a fantastic job. Well done, Puffins!

Making photo frames

Over the last 2 weeks for topic the children have been completing a project to build a photo frame. They started with market research to see what a customer would want. Next, they explored different photo frames available. Moving on to the design and make process. Learning how to measure, mark, cut using a saw and assembling using a hot glue gun. They have now decorated they frames and will insert a photo for a special person to receive as a gift. Well done Puffins ?

Design and technology skills

The Puffins have been developing their design and technology skills over the last week. So far we have learnt and practiced cutting accurately. Marking and measuring accurately. Moving on to testing the most appropriate materials and equipment to use to finally make out dog on wheels towards the end of the week.

How toys work

For DT, Year 1 Puffins have been learning about how different toys work i.e. push, pull or leavers. The Puffins also learnt how to be safe when using scissors and how to mark and measure. For our final project we designed a toy animal and made it out of paper.

Pirate ships

As part of our DT project we have been making pirate ships. First the children learnt all the parts of a pirate ship and then designed one to make. After they had to ensure they had a list of materials and tools they would need. So, today the children have created organised chaos to make the structure of their ships. Tomorrow the children will be decorate and put the final touches to their pirates and finally evaluate the whole process.

Recipe instructions

Today Puffin class have been following a recipe they created as part of our instructions unit. The children followed their instructions with a few hiccups along the way which they self corrected on their recipes ready to be written up as neat tomorrow. Hope they taste delicious.

Christmas cards


The Puffins have worked amazingly well this afternoon in DT creating their Christmas cards. Last week they designed their cards and discussed suitable materials and made a list of what they needed. This week they put the plan in to action and created their Christmas cards, ready to evaluate them tomorrow. The cards look fantastic Puffins and your parents will love them!

Mechanisms: Pivot points


Today we started our D&T week. To start our topic of mechanisms we started by looking at pivot points. We explored a range of objects to find the pivot point – scissors, hole punch, compass and the pedals on a bicycle. We then looked at using split pins to make our own pivot points.

Using a paper plate we made our very own split pin dinosaurs. We really enjoyed being creative and seeing our dinosaur develop. Once we had drew and cut out all the pieces we worked really carefully to attach all the pieces using split pins, it was hard work but we kept trying. We then finished our dinosaurs by painting them in a range of colours. We experimented using sponges to paint our dinosaurs to give us different effects.