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KS1 sports day


What a fantastic sports day we all enjoyed on Thursday. We all liked the competitive element of our sports day and all tried our best. It was lovely to see all the children supporting their class mates and having lots of fun. There was a sprint race, standing long jump, javelin, a bean bag throw, an obstacle race and finally a long distance race. Our favourite event was the long distance race, even Mrs Jones joined in. The children were so happy to be placed with first, second or third in each event and enjoyed taking their slips to the gazebo for scoring.

Anastasya had the best moto for the day: ‘It doesn’t matter if you win or lose it is about trying your best.’

Multi skills competition


On Wednesday Puffin Class participated in a multi skills competition as part of the Baverstock Association. We had lots of fun taking part in a variety of activities. We used a variety of skills including ball dribbling, throwing, catching, kicking and balancing. A lovely afternoon was had by all.

Mrs Jones is very impressed as we came 2nd place out of five schools with 316 points. As a special treat as the scores were so close we get free use of a bus for the day during the Autumn term in September. Mrs Jones and Miss Williams are busy organising a trip out for the children.

Controlling the ball


Today in PE we were practising our skills with a football. We played a game of red, yellow and green. On red we had to stop and control the ball with our foot. On yellow we had to pass our ball to our partners carefully and keeping control. On green we had to jog with our ball using two feet to keep control of the ball. We really enjoyed todays lesson and we are looking forward to the next lesson.

Dancing in PE


Today we had a lovely PE lesson with Mrs Sargant. It was a lovely surprise to have different children and we were all very excited. We really worked on our listening skills in PE today, dancing along to songs which required us to listen carefully and follow instructions. We then learnt a dance, again encouraging the children to follow instructions well and listen carefully. We went back to class quietly and calmly after our cool down.

Throwing and catching in PE


In PE today we developed our skill of throwing further.

We are leading up to games that involve a net and a ball, so today we were developing our ability to thrown an object over an obstacle. We started with a beanbag and then some pairs moved on to a ball, this was really tricky but we gave it a good go. Mr Gill taught us strategies to help us catch the ball and we had a lot to think about. We really enjoyed our lesson today!