Monthly Archives: October 2014

Safety week

This week we have been learning about how to be safe both in school, at home and when we are outside. We have had lots of discussions about what being safe means and how we can be safe.


We then made some road signs and posters to help us remember how to keep safe.


We have learnt a lot about safety this week and we are going to keep safe during half term.

Number Club Stars

In Maths over the past few weeks we have been concentrating on addition and subtraction. The methods that the children are learning are helping them to get quicker at their addition and subtraction. Each week we are having more children move up to the next number club.

Well done Joshua, Ananstasya, Llukan and Luke.

Keep practising everyone, you have all got your number clubs in your bag.


Spelling stars

Year 1 Puffins are getting really good at learning their spellings every week and this is starting to show in their scores. We had lots of children who got 100% today on their spelling tests. Well done!
You have lots of time to learn our spellings over the half term break so I am looking forward to taking a picture with lots more children getting 100% after half term.


School Council


Today as part of their role of school council our school councillors Reuben and Rubylee reported back on their meeting and asked us to nominate two children to be rubbish monitors. Lots of children wanted the role so we had a vote.

The two children who were chosen to be rubbish monitors are:



This week in Literacy we have been looking at nursery rhymes and also rhyming words.

The children have enjoyed acting out nursery rhymes and adding music to help reinforce the children’s memory of the nursery rhyme. We have also been looking at words that rhyme and how we know the words rhyme.

The children have been playing rhyming snap, bingo, making rhyming flip books and rhyming word sliders. These are going to look fantastic on our nursery rhyme display along with the art work the children will be producing next week.

Dancing in PE


Today we had a lovely PE lesson with Mrs Sargant. It was a lovely surprise to have different children and we were all very excited. We really worked on our listening skills in PE today, dancing along to songs which required us to listen carefully and follow instructions. We then learnt a dance, again encouraging the children to follow instructions well and listen carefully. We went back to class quietly and calmly after our cool down.

Number clubs

We are continuing to work hard on our addition and subtraction and our number club is helping us to get better every week. We are all making progress and answering more questions correctly.

Well done this week to the following children who moved number clubs:

Reuben, Llukan, Ishmael and Joshua


Nursery rhymes

Today we started our poetry unit where we are focussing on nursery rhymes. We practised reading and saying the nursery rhymes before working in groups to add actions to our nursery rhymes. We worked really hard to add our actions so we can try and remember our nursery rhymes. The groups thought of some imaginative actions and performed the nursery rhymes to the rest of the class.

Today we concentrated on:
Humpty dumpty
Incy wincy spider
I’m a little teapot
Hickory Dickory Dock

Healthy Foods


Today in Science with Miss Bowkett we talked about keeping our bodies healthy by chosing the right foods to eat. We learned that some foods are better for us than others. Next we worked with a partner to sort foods into groups according to how often we should eat them.

Well done to Paris and Ishmael who worked really well together and produced some great work.