Week Beginning 9th May 2022

Puffins have really enjoyed their ERIC sessions this week. We have popped up a couple of tents and created a few with some bedsheets… the children thought it was great!

In science we have been looking at a range of materials this week and from our last experiment and our results we have built our very own pirate boats! We then tested to see if they would be water proof and be able to float.

In English this week Puffins have listened to the story ‘The magic porridge pot’. The children have sequenced the story looking at each key part ‘opening, build up, problem and solution’. They have then written sentences to go alongside each stage using their knowledge of adjectives and conjunctions.

In maths this week we have been learning all about ‘Arrays’. What’s an array, I hear you ask? Well, an array is a arrangement of objects which can be counted easily. We used counters in rows and columns. This method helps the children understand multiplication. We have been learning our 2s, 5s and 10s.

We have been learning all about Ramadan this week in R.E; the holiest month for Muslims.

We listened to a song called ‘Ramadan moon’ and discussed that during the month of Ramadan, Muslims won’t eat or drink during the hours of daylight. This called fasting. The children then got to create a Ramadan Moon decoration which are hung in the classroom. We think they are fantastic!! Well done Puffins!

The children have definitely deserved their golden time this week and as an extra treat we gave them giant bubble wands!!

In art, the children got to finish off their fabulous pirate pictures this week, adding hair, pirate scars and creating a stripy background.

Week Beginning 2nd May 2022

Welcome back! Our first week back has been a very busy one.

In Maths the children have enjoyed consolidating their 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times tables. They got the opportunity to practice using lots of fun resources such as paint, shaving foam, chalk and the IWB. The children also had a race against their table partners to see who could write the times tables the most in 60 seconds.

In science puffins have enjoyed taking part in an experiment to find out which materials are absorbent and  which are not. They were each given a different piece of material which they where instructed to dip into a box of water. They then had to complete a worksheet and suggest what material would be best to make a pirate hat.

In computing this week the children have been looking at the life cycle of a plant. They then worked in pairs to paint the cycle on ‘Purple Mash’.

Ahoy there ship mates!!! This week we have loved learning all about our new topic ‘Pirates!’ The children have enjoyed playing in our new role play pirate ship where they have been giving the chance to dress up and become a pirate. We have been learning all about the famous pirates ‘Blackbeard’ and ‘Ann Bonny’. We have also been looking at some fun facts about pirates. The children have also painted themselves as a pirate.

During R.E we have been thinking about ‘remembering’. The children made some gold doubloons to remember their birthdays.

The children have been planting sunflower seeds this week. We discussed before what tools and method we would use.

Week Beginning 28th March

This week in English the children got to imagine they were the character ‘Handa’ from ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We went outside to recount Handa’s journey, role playing each part as it was told.

After, the children completed an activity sheet, discussing each event in the correct order and picture planning it. Later in the week the children got to write a recount.

Puffins have enjoyed listening to the Story ‘The sweetest song’ from The story Tree.

This week in R.E we have been discussing what makes a good friend. We took it in turns to describe a good friend and a bad friend. We looked at different scenarios where we had to decide what a good and a bad friend would do. We then watched the film ‘Being loyal and steadfast’ which is a short clip based on the Easter Story. It features Mary and Peter. Mary visits the cave after the crucifixion to find Jesus’ body gone. Peter sees the empty shroud and both believe that Jesus is alive. Their emotions are explored around the empty cave as they come to terms with the resurrection.  We briefly told the story of Peter denying Jesus. We discussed with our talk partners what we thought Peter should have done.

In maths Puffins have been learning how to counts in 2s, 5s and 10s! We had lots of fun playing a variety of IWB games and doing paired work at our tables. We have also looked at  length and height. We have completed lots of practical activities this week using rulers, measuring tapes and metre sticks.

In Geography  Puffins have been exploring and comparing the weather in the UK and Africa. The children watched ‘Go Jetters – series 1:4. The Sahara Desert’. We discussed the weather and the seasons in the UK and asked our talk partners what we thought the weather was like in Africa. We then looked at pictures to compare this.

This week in Art we have been looking at African masks! We watched BBC Two – Bitesize Primary, Art and Design 1, African Art, African masks and we discussed what colours, shapes and textures we could see. We were given the challenge to create our own design. We modelled using colouring pencils, reminding the children to slant the pencil grip and to choose appropriate colours encouraged them to use light and dark shades by changing how hard they press down with their pencil.

This week in Science we have Introduced the children to objects that are transparent, translucent and opaque. We discussed each one reminding the children of the meaning of each word. Mrs. MC modelled filling in the investigation sheet to introduce the children to the idea of fair testing. The children were then sent off to take it in turns with the torch to work in pairs to investigate objects that are transparent, translucent and opaque. They then had their own investigation sheet to fill out.

The children loved our trip on Wednesday the 30th. We were all very excited to go to the Botanical Gardens! The children were all very well behaved and enjoyed the days activities. Check out the photos to see what we got up to. Kaiden  said “ I loved everything apart from the fish, they were scary!”  Aria said “ It was so good!! I liked it when we were allowed to play on the hill!”

Week Beginning 14th March

This week in Puffins we have introduce Exclamation Marks and Alliteration to the children. We watched a BBC bitesize clip which explained and gave us some funny examples. The children then wrote their own sentences for the story Handa’s Surprise.

Puffins have worked very hard during Maths. This week we have been counting in tens and learning about place value to 50. We have completed lots of practical activities using dienes, part whole models, tens frames and number lines.

In Computing Puffins have enjoyed using the website ‘Code for Life’.  We went through the process of building an algorithm. The children were then partnered up and were sent to login and access it using a laptop. The children then worked through the levels building up algorithms creating movement on the screen with their partners.

In R.E Puffins listened to the story ‘The Prophet Mohammed’. We looked at the key words freedom, beliefs, proud and courage. Children then worked in pairs to think of times when they felt proud or might have been in a difficult situation and had to stand up for themselves or someone else.

This week in Geography Puffins have been looking at AFRICA! As a class we looked at where Africa is. We located it on a globe, map and Google Earth. The children loved looking at our huge floor map of the world which they then explored, labelling the 7 continents. The children then labelled a map in their books.

We also looked at pictures using Google Earth using the vocabulary of physical and human features from last term. The children where then set a challenge to sort pictures into the correct categories in their table groups.

This week during our Art lessons we have been using watercolours to create an African sunset. We discussed how to make colours lighter, darker and brighter using the paints. The children then went to their tables to make their own sunset pictures. While they dried they cut out an African animal silhouette and stuck it onto their sunset. We then had a look at how to create light and dark tones with a pencil and how to shade by using the slanted position with our hands. The children then had a go at drawing their favourite African animals. We think they are all amazing! Well done Puffins!

Also this week during art we have been looking at the colour wheel which the children then got to paint using water colours.

In PSHE the children have enjoyed listening to the book ‘Super Duper You’. The children then discussed how differences can make us special and how no-one is good at everything but everyone is good at something. To wrap up our lesson the children shared why they are so special as a circle time.

 On Friday it was Red Nose day and WOW!!! You all looked FANTASTIC! We would like to say a huge “Thankyou!!” for your generosity.

Week beginning 28th February

This week in English Puffins have enjoyed looking at poetry and rhymes. We have been exploring poetic vocabulary from the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear. The children have also been reciting the poem ‘The Crocodile’ by Christine F Fletcher ready to perform in the poetry assembly.

During computing this week the children have been using the Bee Bots. We began by reminding the children of how the bee bots work and what an algorithm is. The children were then given some simple algorithms to program the Bee Bots to go to a chosen destination on the mat.

This week has been very special as we had a visit from T.M Jorden, the author of ‘The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted’. He told us all about how he began as an author and the process he went through to get published. He then invited the children to ask any questions they might have. Tim then read a chapter to all the children and we managed to grab a quick photo of him and Lord Ted.

The children have loved sharing their favourite books from home this week and They all looked amazing in their costumes!!

Puffins have LOVED ERIC this week, we have been enjoying books with our friends in unusual places and of course flashlight Friday!

In PSHE Puffins have been looking at their likes and dislikes and discussing how people have different opinions. We have been learning to recognise and respect others differences. The children discussed this with their talk partners. We also looked at the book ‘My Mum and Dad make m laugh’ by Nick Sharatt.

Week Beginning 14th February

 This week in English the children have been planning their insect fact files. We discussed what is needed for a fact file and looked at children an example. We focused on looking at all the key parts – heading, introduction, subheading, labels, pictures/photographs, fun facts. We then set them off to read all about “Amazing Ants” with their partners.

Puffins have been very busy this week during our DT lessons. The children were shown the tools that they would be using to cut the dowels for their toy cars. They were then shown how to use the hacksaw and then encouraged to have a go with adult supervision.

In maths we focused on number bonds to 20. We worked with our partners to represent numbers on tens frames.

Puffins enjoyed exploring information books this week during ERIC. We sat in a circle on the carpet and shared any facts that we thought were amazing!!  Did you know that there are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world?

Children’s Mental Health Week

In PHSE Puffins have been looking at dental hygiene and how to brush and keep our teeth clean. We watched a short clip and discussed what we do when brushing our teeth. The children then completed a sequencing activity.

The children got to construct their paper toy cars that they designed on purple mash this week. They cut out their cars, folded and assembled them. We also discussed the next step which would be to cut and attach the dowels and wheels.

In English Puffins have been looking at information books this week about insects. We have been learning about ‘facts’ and ‘opinions’. The children then completed a worksheet to sort them into appropriate groups.

We looked particularly at ladybirds. The children where then given the task of completing a fact file using what they have read. The children shared their knowledge with each other which we then brainstormed.

Puffins enjoyed listening to and taking part in the internet safety assembly. After, the class shared some of their own thoughts which we brainstormed altogether.

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and Puffins enjoyed watching an assembly from Place2Be. The children then discussed with their talk partners about who can help them and we created our own support balloon. We then listened to and had a little dance to “Reach for the Stars” by SClub7.

Another Busy Week!

Puffins have enjoyed using technology to represent their own ideas in Computing this week. They have been taking photographs of toys from the past and of their friends.

Puffins have also been learning how to use the keyboard during Computing. We introduced the children to the different keys on a keyboard then accessed purple mash ‘to write’ to practice entering text specifically describing words for different types of toys.

The children have loved PE this week, taking part in a variety of gross motor skill activities.

In maths, Puffins have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties. They had the challenge of sorting the shapes into different categories. We also recapped our knowledge of 2D shapes. Puffins then had the opportunity to look around the classroom for different shapes.

The children have also been learning to identify tens and ones within numbers to 20, representing numbers using counting sticks and dienes.

During R.E Puffins were introduced to the Islamic story of Quaswa to explore the ideas of fairness and wisdom. The children also had a look at a traditional Mosque and how that is different from a Christian church.

 In English the children have been very busy story mapping “Where the Wild Things Are” and using adjectives to describe the setting , including the conjunction ‘and’. Puffins then got to come up with their own setting and have been writing extended sentences and phrases with adjectives to describe their setting.

Puffins have enjoyed listening to two stories during PSHE “The great big book of families” by Mary Hoffman and “The family book” by Todd Parr. After reading both books we discussed with our talk partners how our families might be different. We then brainstormed the children’s ideas on a flipchart which will be displayed in our classroom.

A Busy Week!

This week puffins have been introduced to the story “Where The Wild Things Are”.

They have come up with some actions to go with the story and have acted it out as a class using them.

The children have also been using adjectives to describe and label a character from the story of their choosing they have then used the adjectives in simple sentences.

Puffins have loved ERIC this week, we visited the library and also had “Flashlight Friday!” The children have been looking at Non-Fiction books particularly books about toys from the past.

This week in History Puffins have been exploring toys from the past. The children got to handle/play with the toys and were encouraged to write down any questions on a post it note.

During R.E this week the children have been discussing ‘Being Fair and Just’. We first watched a video showing different ways of life in other countries pausing to discuss different opinions on what is fair and unfair for children in deprived areas. The children then brainstormed practical issues that they may encounter on a daily basis.

This week in Science Puffins have been learning all about clouds and rainfall.

The children have enjoyed their golden time this week! They had the opportunity to build with Lego, draw/colour, go on the iPads, complete a puzzle, play teachers and use the train track.