Sharing skills

The Puffins have made a positive start to the week and have been busy learning during their continuous provision sessions in the afternoon. The children have been putting into practise their sharing skills for games, their fine motor skills with the playdoh and communication skills within the role play dinosaurs.

To find out about our friends

Today for PSHE we discussed what it we liked or disliked. To talked to each other about our favourite things and things we don’t like. The children discovered lots about their friends and how important it is to have their own opinion about what they like or dislike. The children then made their own chains of information to give to a friend to learn more about each other.

‘I like pizza and I don’t like trees’ AJ
‘I like ice cream and I dislike chilli’ Alexus
‘My favourite is peppers and I dislike nothing’ Kayden


Today for circle time the Puffins were introduced to our school policy of Peacemakers. The children did a great job learning about conflict resolution using the school Peacemaker approach. All of the children then got to experience the different roles through roleplay of the ones having conflict and the person using Peacemakers approach to resolve the conflict. The children really got stuck in with creating the conflict! 🙂

Non-fiction books

Today in ERIC (Enjoying Reading In Class) the children have enjoyed choosing non-fiction books to share with a friend.

‘I have picked a dinosaur book because there scary’ Ollie
‘I have got a puppy book because I love dogs’ Taylor
‘This book is very interesting, I’m learning lots of facts’ Evelyn

Home Learning – 13/7/20

Hi Puffins

I have attached a booklet for English and Maths for this week it should recap what the children should know from the Year 1 curriculum.

Year 1 Summer Maths Activity Booklet
Year 1 Summer English Activity Booklet

This is my final post for lessons for this year, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all the parents juggling everything but still finding time to home school your children. It really is appreciated and I am very thankful to you all for this.

For the children, I am very grateful to have had such an amazing class with fantastic personalities that made me smile daily. I will miss you all and it makes me sad we were not able to finish the year together but I’m looking forward to seeing most of you this week and the rest of you in Mrs Parry’s class in September.

Don’t forget to read in the holidays, little and often. But most of all enjoy yourselves, you all deserve a break.

Stay safe

Miss Coghlan 🙂