Book Advent

Puffins had their turn opening and reading the very first book from our book advent calendar today! They were really pleased with the book they received, ‘Michael Rosen’s Book of very silly poems’. We had a good old giggle when we read a few during ERIC.

This week in English, Puffins have been looking at the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats’. The children have been learning to sequence the story looking at each key part: opening, build up, problem and solution. The children then got to act it out in groups of four. We have also been learning how to use adjectives to describe the characters.

Puffins have enjoyed science this week. The children loved sharing baby photos of themselves with their friends and looking at how they have changed.

Enjoying our Learning

Puffins have enjoyed their first music lesson this week! We all played ‘guess the sound’ to introduce different types of instruments. The children then all got to have a go at playing an instrument. They then practised singing/rapping a song from ‘charanga’.

The children have been looking at a birds eye view of the school and grounds. They then identified key human and physical features on a map.

Puffins have been carrying on with their project in design and technology. This week the children got to design their photos frames and make a list of all the key features that they want to include when building.

Puffins have enjoyed using the bee bots this week. They have been navigating a board using directions forwards and backwards.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week was a special week in school – anti-bullying week. The theme was one kind word. Puffins in a circle time, sharing acts of kindness that they have either received or done themselves. We then brainstormed acts and words of kindness which are displayed around the room.

In our online safety lesson the children learnt all about how to stay safe when using the internet. They learnt facts and have created their own online safety posters following the lesson.

Puffins found this week’s science lesson very interesting. We looked at the human body, different parts and how they work. The children were very keen to learn more about the bodily functions. They particularly took an interest in the ‘Hymn’ statue by Damien Hirst. Children then took part in a science experiment to see who could jump the furthest and whether leg length contributed to this.

A Busy Week

Puffins had their first computing lesson this week! They learnt how to long on and practised their typing skills.

In ERIC the children have enjoyed looking at information books this week.

In English, Puffins had a go at hot seating a nursery rhyme character. They worked in pairs to write and ask ‘Little Bo Peep’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ some questions.

Puffins have been looking at the senses of smell and hearing in science this week. We went on a walk around the outdoor area and school to listen and smell all the different sounds and scents.

In maths this week we have looking at systematic number bonds.

Nursery Rhymes

In our English lessons we have been learning about nursery rhymes. We performed a nursery rhyme in front of their friends. We also completed a missing word activity.

In maths this week Puffins have been looking at bar models and addition fact families.

In our RE lessons we have been learning about people belonging to different religions.

In Science we learnt about sense of sight, touch and smell.

We also looked at maps of the UK in Geography. We labelled the countries, capitals and drew the flags.

Black History Month

October is Black History month and we have had some sensible discussions about it this week. Puffins have been learning about Rosa Parks.

During R.E Puffins have been looking at Christianity and Christian traditions. The children then created a baptism card.

In our Art lessons we have been sculpting mini models of ourselves using a range of resources and techniques.

Amazing Art

This week in Puffins the children have looked at the very famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

During this weeks art lessons the children were given the challenge to draw their self portraits. They also coloured in the picture ‘Starry Night’ using pencil crayons to show different shades and tones and completed the picture ‘Sunflowers’ using oil pastels and water colours.

In maths Puffins have been using Part Part Whole models to partition amounts.

During P.E this week the Puffins have learnt how to do a forward roll! They practised each movement then put them all together in a sequence. Well done puffins!!

Enjoying Drama

During PSHE this week we have been discussing ‘peacemakers’. The children have then practiced their ‘peacemaker’ methods in different role play scenarios. Here are some photos and the scenarios they are role-playing:

Arguing over a game you are playing:

Not letting other children play with you:

Someone has fallen over:

Using unkind hands:

Using unkind words:

In maths this week we have been looking at amounts and ordering them from greatest to smallest.

The children have also really enjoyed their golden time this week!!!


This week in English the children have been writing speech for characters from the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. As an anchor task, the children were put into groups to think of ideas about what the characters might say. They were given puppets as props to help initiate conversation.