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Week commencing 23rd October

During our PSHE lesson we have been learning all about what makes a family. The children shared with their talk partners who is in their families. We then brainstormed the children’s ideas and thoughts.
In our maths lessons we have been learning  all about what makes a ‘whole’. The children looked at different items of different sizes and we discussed as a  class what makes something a ‘whole’. We looked at how a ‘whole’ can be represented by one object. We then looked at how an object can be split into two or more ‘parts’. The children loved this because they got to split a biscuit into parts look at how many they created and then eat them! We used hoops to create our own ‘parts’ and the children worked out what the ‘whole’ would be. The children also looked a ‘part-part-whole’ model.
This week in English the children have been looking at a new topic ‘Nursery Rhymes’. We have been singing and performing quite a few, check out the videos below.
In Phonics this week the children have been learning all about spit digraphs. We are always very busy during our phonics lessons!
During Black history month we have been learning about Rosa Parks. The children watched a short video all about her and listened to the story. They then worked in pairs to sequence the events.
During our first music lesson the children listened to a piece of music, they got to have a little dance and talked about what instruments they could hear.
Puffins have been using their sense of taste during their science lesson. They got to try something sweet, sour and bitter.

Phonics Workshop

On Wednesday 6th November we held a Phonics Workshop for Year 1 parents. Miss Williams talked to our parents about how Phonics works in school and how to help us at home. We then had a wonderful time making and playing a phonics game with our visitors. We even got to take them home!

Thank you to all our visitors. It was lovely to see so many of you.

Phonics Workshop

Today parents of Year 1 had the opportunity to attend a phonics workshop. They spent time observing Miss Williams model a phonics lesson with a group of amazing Year 2 children. After that Miss Williams spoke to them about how best to support their child in learning phonics. Then it was time for some fun and learning as the parents made and played phonics games with their own children. We would like to thank all the parents who attended today.

Split digraphs sounds

This week the Puffins are working extra hard to learn all their split digraphs sounds. Each day they will be learning what they are, how to recognise them and how to use them within the correct words. This is a hard concept and they are so far doing fantastically at the understanding and practical applying of the a_e and e_e. Keep up the good work Puffins!

Phonics Screening

Next week (week commencing 15th June) the children will be completing their phonics screening check. Please practise their phonics as much as possible at home this weekend to support their understanding. The children have worked really hard to learn their phonics sounds and I am very pleased with their progress. It is really important that children are in school every day next week. Let’s showcase our hard work in Puffin class.


Possible activities:
– Pairs matching
– Treasure and trash
– Sound buttons

Suggested websites
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