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Home Learning – 01/6/20

Hi Puffins

Hope you are all doing well. Its has been fantastic to hear all your voices over the last few weeks. I hope you had fun in the sun last week and took a well earned break from learning.

Documents to download
Week 8 5 a day with lesson links
MONDAY Lesson-1-Add-by-making-10
MONDAY Answers-Add-by-making-10
TUESDAY Lesson-2-Subtraction-crossing-10
TUESDAY Lesson-2-Answers-Subtraction-crossing-10
WEDNESDAY Lesson-3-Subtraction-crossing-10
WEDNESDAY Lesson-3-Answers-Subtraction-crossing-10
THURSDAY Lesson-4-Compare-number-sentences
THURSDAY Lesson-4-Answers-Compare-number-sentences
Week 8 English
Reading Activity with answers
Week 8 English ANSWERS
Week 8 Maths ANSWERS

The White Rose daily worksheets have also been attached with the answers for you to view parents, as the subscription is no a premium service. Thank you all again for sharing your photos and activities via email its great to see what you are all up to.

Stay safe

Miss Coghlan

Home Learning – 18/5/20

Hi Puffins

Hope you are all doing amazing. It was fantastic to have a chat with most of you last week, really made my week ? Glad to hear you are all doing some work at home too. Your teachers at school all really appreciate you and your parents hard work. I have loved sharing your work on the blogs too so keep sharing what you have been up to. Keep enjoying the fresh air and walks.

Documents to download
Week 7 5 a day and Maths links
Week 7- Maths ANSWERS
Week 7- Reading activity
Week 7 SPaG, Hanwriting and Phonics

Don’t forget to pop in to the book exchange on Mondays and Thursdays 12pm-2pm to change your reading books and chose another book to read at home.

Missing you all.

Stay safe.

Miss Coghlan

Musa’s reading of ‘Percy and the Rabbit’

This is Musa’s Tuesday homework. He finished reading this book. He explained this story in the end like this:


1.Percy and the rabbit were walking when they saw mice playing in rabbits house.

2. Percy said please don’t play in the rabbits house

3.Percy dug and dug the snow.

4.Percy said where is my scarf? Where is my cap?5.Look, where are my gloves going?

6.Percy saw that the mice were playing in the snowman house and they were playing with his scarf,cap and gloves.

7. Percy said – it’s okay they are just having lots of fun.

Tatenda’s home learning

Hi Miss Coghlan

We miss you so much. I cannot wait to see you. During the quarantine I have been playing and doing my school work from the blog. I have enjoyed spending time with Tanatswa, baking and playing outside. I have also been helping to tidy up the house and making sure our room is not messy. I also wash my plate every time after eating. We made cupcakes which were delicious. I had 9 of them and my family had the rest. It was my birthday in April, when we come back, I will bring sweets for everyone. My mum asked me to write about myself and she has sent you a picture. I cannot wait to see you and my other teachers and friends.

Our home learning work

It’s wonderful to see so many children working on different home learning activities. Please also send your homework to

Musa’s Home Learning Work
Fantastic work from Musa last week. Well done for working so hard Musa.

Daniel’s Home Learning Work
Well done to Daniel for all his hard work last week. Practising his spellings, completing home tasks about family and recommending books for his friend Elias.

Ayra’s Home Learning Work
Well done to Ayra for working hard on her reading skills at home.

Home Learning – 11/5/20

Hi Puffins

I am missing you all so much!!! So happy the sun has come back for us to enjoy our daily walks. Hope you are all staying safe and had a great weekend celebrating VE day. I will be calling you all this week at some point because just to see how you are all getting on and to make sure your parents are having enough time breaks! I can’t wait to chat to you all. Thank you to those who have sent me some work via the email. Thomas and I enjoyed seeing it and Thomas is now starting the book Daniel recommended ? Remember parents do what you can to keep you sane. Don’t forget to use Bug Club if you can and there are lots of free phonics games on Phonics Play website too.

Documents to download
Week 6- 5 a day and Maths links ANSWERS
Week 6 5 a day and Maths links
Week 6 Reading activity
Week 6 SPAG Answers
Week 6 – SPAG, Phonics and Spelling

Please come to our book swap to get some more reading books too! More information about this is on our website. Miss Williams looks forward to seeing you all.

Take care and stay safe


Miss Coghlan