Monthly Archives: June 2021

Excellent English

For the last two weeks in English the Puffins have been learning all about Instructions. We started with how to follow them by making pirate hats. The different types of instructions and the different features they should include. Finally, we built up to writing our own instructions on How to Grow Cress. Well done, Puffins!

Circle Time

As part of our circle time session this week we completed various tasks on how to work together. We discussed all the things we need to do be a good partner or to be part of a team.
Thomas. L: We need to take turns speaking.
Evelyn: We need to listen to each other and show respect.
Isla: We need to not be bossy.
After this we went outside and competed a challenge in pairs. The challenge was to get from one side of the playground to the other by working and communicating together.

Making cars

Before the half term the Puffins worked their socks off to design and build a moving car. They started with product and market research then they tested materials and created their designs using Purple Mash. Finally, they cut and shaped their car nets and sawed and glued their own moving wheels. They did a fantastic job. Well done, Puffins!