Monthly Archives: January 2022

Another Busy Week!

Puffins have enjoyed using technology to represent their own ideas in Computing this week. They have been taking photographs of toys from the past and of their friends.

Puffins have also been learning how to use the keyboard during Computing. We introduced the children to the different keys on a keyboard then accessed purple mash ‘to write’ to practice entering text specifically describing words for different types of toys.

The children have loved PE this week, taking part in a variety of gross motor skill activities.

In maths, Puffins have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties. They had the challenge of sorting the shapes into different categories. We also recapped our knowledge of 2D shapes. Puffins then had the opportunity to look around the classroom for different shapes.

The children have also been learning to identify tens and ones within numbers to 20, representing numbers using counting sticks and dienes.

During R.E Puffins were introduced to the Islamic story of Quaswa to explore the ideas of fairness and wisdom. The children also had a look at a traditional Mosque and how that is different from a Christian church.

 In English the children have been very busy story mapping “Where the Wild Things Are” and using adjectives to describe the setting , including the conjunction ‘and’. Puffins then got to come up with their own setting and have been writing extended sentences and phrases with adjectives to describe their setting.

Puffins have enjoyed listening to two stories during PSHE “The great big book of families” by Mary Hoffman and “The family book” by Todd Parr. After reading both books we discussed with our talk partners how our families might be different. We then brainstormed the children’s ideas on a flipchart which will be displayed in our classroom.

A Busy Week!

This week puffins have been introduced to the story “Where The Wild Things Are”.

They have come up with some actions to go with the story and have acted it out as a class using them.

The children have also been using adjectives to describe and label a character from the story of their choosing they have then used the adjectives in simple sentences.

Puffins have loved ERIC this week, we visited the library and also had “Flashlight Friday!” The children have been looking at Non-Fiction books particularly books about toys from the past.

This week in History Puffins have been exploring toys from the past. The children got to handle/play with the toys and were encouraged to write down any questions on a post it note.

During R.E this week the children have been discussing ‘Being Fair and Just’. We first watched a video showing different ways of life in other countries pausing to discuss different opinions on what is fair and unfair for children in deprived areas. The children then brainstormed practical issues that they may encounter on a daily basis.

This week in Science Puffins have been learning all about clouds and rainfall.

The children have enjoyed their golden time this week! They had the opportunity to build with Lego, draw/colour, go on the iPads, complete a puzzle, play teachers and use the train track.

Welcome back Puffins!

This week we have welcomed our new teacher; Mrs Lewis!! The children have enjoyed getting to know her.

In maths, Puffins have been looking at first, then and now stories; working out how many objects would be left when an amount was removed. They have also been practising their addition skills.

In science we have been looking at seasonal changes. We have introduced 8 new key words and their meaning. The children were then set a task to recognise different types of weather and match them accordingly.

Puffins have been working hard in English writing simple sentences to go alongside a picture of their choosing. We recapped what we need in a simple sentence and reminded them of our “think, practice, write, check” method.