Monthly Archives: May 2014

Year 1 do Guided Reading

GR 002

Every day we are now doing Guided Reading. During this lesson there are 5 different activities and during the week every group does every activity. At the moment our activities are: Guided reading with Miss Williams, guided reading with Miss Parton, a story on the listening station, using the role-play area and sharing books in the book corner. We are getting so much better at reading!

Growing plants

This afternoon we continued our Science topic about growing plants. We have learnt what plants need to grow. We went on a plant hunt around our school and discovered we have lots of wonderful plants growing so well around us. We drew them carefully and worked well in pairs.

Talk for Writing

This week we have started learning about instructions. We learnt some instructions using Talk for Writing. This is where the children learn to retell a text from pictures and by using actions to help them remember. We will then use this later in the week to help us to write.

Balancing in PE

In PE we have been practising balancing. Some of us did one point balances and then we practised three point balances. We tried hard to keep our arms and legs straight and pointed like real gymnasts! We have started to learn about rolling. This week we practised the pencil roll.