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Circle Time

As part of our circle time session this week we completed various tasks on how to work together. We discussed all the things we need to do be a good partner or to be part of a team.
Thomas. L: We need to take turns speaking.
Evelyn: We need to listen to each other and show respect.
Isla: We need to not be bossy.
After this we went outside and competed a challenge in pairs. The challenge was to get from one side of the playground to the other by working and communicating together.

Asking for help

For PSHE today the Puffins discussed about how to ask for help. We watched this video and spoke about what the boy did to ask for help. We then related this to school and about who helps use at school.

‘If I’m hurt, I can ask Ms Francis for help’ Thomas. L
‘If I’m stuck on my work and I have tried hard I can ask a friend for help’ Hannah
‘If I have had an argument with a friend, I can ask a teacher to do Peacemakers’ Thomas. S

We moved on to acting out scenarios of if we were hurt who would we call for help if someone stole something from me who would I call and if my house was on fire who would I call.

The children have all learnt to call 999 in emergencies and given the homework task to learn their address just in case.

Anti-Bullying Week

Today as part of Anti-Bullying Week, the Puffins had a circle time about what bullying is and things they could do if they are being bullied.

‘If my friend was being bullied I would tell a grown up’ Evelyn
‘If I was being bullied I would talk to my parents’ Frankies
‘It is only bullying if it happens to you all the time not just once’ Thomas. S

To find out about our friends

Today for PSHE we discussed what it we liked or disliked. To talked to each other about our favourite things and things we don’t like. The children discovered lots about their friends and how important it is to have their own opinion about what they like or dislike. The children then made their own chains of information to give to a friend to learn more about each other.

‘I like pizza and I don’t like trees’ AJ
‘I like ice cream and I dislike chilli’ Alexus
‘My favourite is peppers and I dislike nothing’ Kayden


Today for circle time the Puffins were introduced to our school policy of Peacemakers. The children did a great job learning about conflict resolution using the school Peacemaker approach. All of the children then got to experience the different roles through roleplay of the ones having conflict and the person using Peacemakers approach to resolve the conflict. The children really got stuck in with creating the conflict! ?

Digiduck’s Big Decisions

As part of Safer Internet Week, Year 1 Puffins read a story about Digiduck who shared pictures he shouldn’t have had of his friends online and the importance of being safe on the internet.

“Don’t share silly pictures of your friends it might make them embarrassed”. Elias
“Always ask before you share a picture of your friend”. Reva

The children were also able to tell me how to be safety online giving me lots of important tips.

The Puffins are very confident in staying safe on the internet.

Controlling anger

The Puffins today have been learning about how to control anger. We discussed how it is okay to be angry it is how you deal with it that is important. We spoke about how we feel when we are angry and what makes us angry. We finished the lesson with reading ‘When I Feel Angry’ by Cornelia Maude Spelman and practiced some gentle breathing exercises to help keep us calm.

Anti-bullying Week Check In

In check-in Year 1 Puffins discussed what we do as a school stop bullying and ensure pupils are happy and safe. Firstly, we talked about what safe means to them:

‘Being looked after and not being hurt’ Daniel
‘Its okay to talk to the teachers and they will help you’ Olivia

We moved on to what we do at school to stop bullying.

Finally we spoke about anything more the teachers could do to help.
‘A calm down/relaxing area to be away from conflict’ Maya
‘To have a buddy to talk to if needed’ Bethany

Happy or unhappy play time

The Puffins have being discussing what makes a happy or unhappy play time.

I happy when I play with friends – Jacob
It’s a happy playtime when people are nice to met – Karla
It’s an unhappy playtime when someone hits me – Declan
I’m not happy at playtime if I fall and my friends don’t help – Tatenda

So the Puffins created their own playtime rules to make playtime a happy time and discussed the different scenarios with each other to ensure there was a solution.