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Being worried

As part of our PSHE session, we focused on the emotion of worry. The children discussed what the word worry means and to discuss the times they have felt worried.

‘I’m worried about looking after my pet guinea pig’ Millie
‘I get worried if I have to swim on my own’ Daisy G

We then thought about different strategies that could help us when we worry.
► Breathtaking deep breaths
► Counting to 10
► Saying positive things to yourself
► Sharing your worry with a friend

After the children made a worry monster to feed their worries to.

Similarities and differences

Today in PSHE the children discussed what they liked and didn’t also what is similar or difference to our friends.

‘I have the same hair as Krista but different coloured eyes’ Daisy B
‘I like to play football but Scarlett likes to dance’ Harvey

We then moved on to what makes us unique. The children had great fun exploring what makes them unique from their friends.

We finished the lesson reading Elmer the Elephant by David McKee.


In PSHE today we focused on how all families are different. We shared with each other who is in our family and discussed what is the same and different in each family. We then read The Family Book by Todd Parr exploring different type of families.

“It ok to have different people in your family we love each other its great to have other people.” Imogen
“All people are different and that’s ok same as families. We all love each othe.r” Maya

Happy and Sad

For check in today the Puffins shared something that made them happy and something that made them sad by drawing a picture and sharing with their teachers and talk partners. Lots of the children enjoyed fireworks which made them happy. Lots of children said they were sad because they missed their friends.