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Discussing responsibility

As part of PSHE today we focused on what responsibility means to us and how and what we are responsible for.

Jani – I’m responsible for my work
Taya – I’m responsible for making my own drinks
Scarlette – I’m responsible for looking after my family
Nyeema – I’m responsible for making my own dinner
Callum. F – I’m responsible for looking after my computer games
Leo – I’m responsible for tidying up my toys
Callum. C – I’m responsible for looking after my mom and dad
Mason – I’m responsible for cleaning the dishes

Buying from Miss Coghlan’s shop

To continue our money topic for maths this week Puffin class have been purchasing lots of different products from Miss Coghlan’s shop. The children had to count out the correct amounts and ensure they were selecting the correct coins and using their fantastic adding skills too.

Also thank you to Amelia and her dad for sharing their old money with us, the Puffins loved looking at them.

Money topic

The Puffins have started their new maths topic on Money today. They have discussed all the different types of coins there is and how to distinguish one from the other. Once they had a good understanding of the coins they were able to independently sort the coins with their partner.

Art Week – Andy Warhol effects in Digital Media

Year 1 Puffins used a computer program to edit a photograph in the style of Andy Warhol’s Sunrise Sunset painting.

Mr Baddhan showed the children how easily artistic effects can be applied to images. Here are some of the work children produced.

This was the original image.

The children then applied some photo effects to the original image in the style of Andy Warhol.

Kerris M

Frankie D

Frankie L


Zaynab and Shona



Art Week -Andy Warhol

Wow! what a busy afternoon. As part of art week we have been focusing on the artist Andy Warhol using his beautiful painting Sunrise Sunset. Today we have finished some fabric painting choosing our own colours to fad from light to dark by mixing different tones of the same colour. Also we used clay to replicate the painting ready to be painted on Thursday when they are dry.

Video: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

In English as part of our Talk for Writing we have been learning a warning tale The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Today the Puffins demonstrated how well they know the story by acting it out. At the end of the session some children became the characters in our hot seat challenge, the children asked some great relevant questions to the characters and the characters responded very well. Miss Coghlan can’t wait to read the Puffins own warning tales at the end of the week.