Monthly Archives: September 2014

Throwing and kicking skills


Today in PE we developed our throwing and kicking skills. We are getting ready to start playing ball games like football and basketball. We had to defend our hoop and stop the other person throwing their beanbag and scoring points. The games were quite tricky but we tried really hard and we are getting much better at throwing underarm.

All about me


This afternoon the children have been working on various activities around the classroom linked to our topic all about me. The children made skeletons using art straws, labelled parts of the body, put a skeleton back together and made play dough skeletons. We then talked about the different events that happen in our lives and how we can do different things from when we are a baby, to us now and what we will be able to do in the future.

We’re going on a bear hunt


Today the children read the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. After reading the story we started to think about actions we could use to retell the story. The children then worked in groups to retell the story using actions. The children worked really hard to remember the sequence of the story and also assign actions to each of the settings in the story.

Measuring objects


In maths today we started to look at length and how we could measure objects. The children found objects from around the room and put in order from smallest to largest. The children really tried hard with the activity and challenged themselves finding objects that were the same length or very close which meant they had to measure them against each other carefully.

We also practised our letter formation of the letter 2. The children worked carefully to try and write their numbers smaller each time and in the correct orientation.

Baby changes

This morning in Science we talked about how we have changed since we were babies. Some of us brought in our baby pictures and we enjoyed talking about them.

We used the words:
Toddler, Adult, Baby, Teenager, Child to explain how people grow and change.




This morning we had a lovely lesson thinking about our feelings. We looked at some pictures and thought about how the people were feeling. We had to look closely at their faces.

Next we tried to make our faces show different feelings. There are some great actors and actresses in Puffin Class!

After that we practised drawing different faces on the carpet. We noticed that the mouths and eyebrows are different for different feelings.

Finally we made a mask. We had to think of two feelings and each side of our mask showed a different one. We tried to guess what each others’ masks showed.

Number club challenge

Ishmael and Llukan answered all their questions correctly
Ishmael and Llukan answered all their questions correctly

Today Puffin class completed their first number club challenge – the number chicks. We had to complete our questions in 3 minutes! We used our fingers to help and we really concentrated, trying our best to finish as many questions as possible.

Ishmael and Llukan answered all the questions correctly and have moved on to the next club – Number ducks.
The children have got the questions in their book bags so they can practise at home ready for next week’s number club challenge.

Backward rolls


Today in PE we were practising the skills we learnt last week and trying to develop them further. We worked really hard to try and complete backward rolls, which we will be practising more over the next few weeks. We are getting really good at jumping so Mr Gill has given us an extra challenge to catch a bean bag as we jump. We found it quite difficult but we are trying really hard.

Puffins visit the school library


On Wednesday we visited the school library with Mrs Sabir. We shared books with our friends and enjoyed looking for our own books. The children found fiction and non-fiction books and enjoyed the variety of texts available. Kyle found a book about vegetables because he is growing vegetables at home. The children have taken books home to share with their families.

Balancing bean bags


Today in PE we have been practising our throwing skills by playing team games. We had to think about our speed but also our control for throwing. We also thought about balancing again from last week, we balanced the bean bags on different parts of our bodies. We will continue to think about how we can be a team in Puffin class.