Monthly Archives: November 2016

Shadow puppets


This week in science the Puffins have created their own shadow puppets and were able to use a torch as the source of light to create them. The learnt all about why and how shadows are created.

‘The spider is opaque so the light stops then you have a shadow’ Dayne

‘The light doesn’t bend round the butterfly it stops’ Frankie L

ThinkTank trip

Today the Puffins had a trip to the ThinkTank where they learnt all about Light and dark for our science topic for this half term. The children took part in a lesson all how we use different light sources everyday and they children created a puppet show using shadows. They also had a fantastic time looking at all the wonderful educational attractions at the ThinkTank.


Guy Fawkes

The Puffins have been hard at work this week learning the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story for English, all about Guy Fawkes for History and place value in Maths they have earned their golden time. They had lots of fun dressing up and building fantastic ramps for their cars.

Fab week Puffins keep it up!