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Year 1 visit Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill 025

On Tuesday 8th July, Year 1 went to Cannon Hill park. We had a lovely day doing lots of different things. We did a scavenger hunt, a minibeast hunt, drew some flowers, watched the geese, played in the playground and even went on a bear hunt! Daisy, Sophie and Isaiah have don’t some beautiful writing (for a class book) about our trip so I will let them tell you more…

Cannon Hill 095

Cannon Hill 094

Cannon Hill 093

Reading in the Library

Reading 004

This morning we went and had a look around the library. We enjoyed reading books on our own, in pairs and with teachers.

We love the books in our school library! Miss Williams read Willy the Wimp to some of us and we decided we would like to read some more books by Anthony Browne. Miss Parton read The Hill and the Rock to some of use and we decided we would like to read more books by David McKee. We love books!