Monthly Archives: June 2014

Colour mixing

Colour Mixing 023

This afternoon we learnt all about colour mixing. We learnt how to make green, purple and orange from red, yellow and blue. Then we experimented with making colours darker and lighter.

Can you see what we added to do this? Riley and Christopher concentrated hard to make sure the paints didn’t mix at the wrong time! Everyone tried hard to paint carefully with long brush strokes.

Making non-fiction books about Pirate’s treasure

Nicholas 002

Nicholas 003

We have been working extremely hard in Literacy for the last two weeks making non-fiction books all about Pirate’s treasure. Everyone has done a really excellent job and the books are fantastic! Author of the Week has been a very difficult decision because everyone has tried extra hard.

I have chosen Nicholas as he tried really hard to use connectives and full stops which are both things we have been working on. Well done Nicholas! You should come and read our books.. you will learn a lot!

Waterproof materials

Waterproof 009

We have been working hard on investigations in Science recently. Last week we found out about floating and sinking. We learnt water tries to push things upwards. This week we investigated which materials are waterproof and which are not. We are going to make pirate ships so it is important to make sure they are waterproof or they might sink.

Author of the Week: Millie

Every week in Year 1 I will be choosing an Author of the Week. This will be someone who has made a considerable effort to improve their writing. This week our very first Author of the Week is Millie! Well done Millie. Who will it be next week?

It was very difficult to pick as so many children are trying so hard. Keep it up Year 1.

Ahoy me hearties!

Today we started our new topic all about Pirates. We learnt some interesting facts which we will share with you if you ask us. We also enjoyed making some items for our new Pirate Ship role-play area and making Pirate Passports. Watch out for more pictures later this week.