Monthly Archives: September 2017

Our five senses

In science this week we have learnt all about our five senses. We tested our hearing and sight by completing a obstacle course with a blind fold and see how far we can see. We have used our touch to feel and describe different objects. We have also explored our taste by tasting things that were sweet, sour and salty.

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

In PSHE today the children have discussed what responsibility means and what they are responsible for:

Tommy O – looking after my new baby
Lily – looking after my dog
Dehwa – looking afer my toys
Havana – looking after my rabitt and dog at nanny and granddads
Dylan – to get changed all by myself
Pippa – looking my little sister
Mila – looking after my bunny rabbit
Ali – looking after my toys
Charlie – to do what my mom says
Jacinta – looking after my toys
Tommy L – my teddy Samson
Connor – my cat
Jessica – looking after my cat and going to bed when my mom says
Ryan -feeding my baby sister a bottle
Frankie-Moe – looking after my toys
Kealiegh -looking after my dog and lizard
Millie – looking after my toys
Scarlet – looking after my baby and making my bed
Paige – looking after my rabbit and doing what my mom says
Jacob – looking after my Hulk
Oliver – looking after my animals and feeding them
Ava – looking after my teeth and making sure everyday I brush them
Ibrahim– to look after my brother
Leah – looking after my nanny and making sure she goes to bed
Tanatswa – looking after my sister and my toys
Seth – to look after my dog
Shai -Ann – I look after my mom and dad

Labelling body parts

This afternoon children have continued with science; labelling body parts and understanding their senses.

‘I like to taste sweets with my tongue’ Kenzie
‘I like to touch cats’ Conner
‘My favourite thing to use my sight for is telly’ Paige
‘I love using my ears for music, I like Little Mix’ Jessica

New beginnings

What a great first full week for the Puffins, we have learnt all about sorting using a variety of ways in maths, practised our HFW’s and handwriting and learnt our Talk for Writing focus book Going on a Bear Hunt. Finally today the children have discussed at length new beginnings in regards to changes to their lives and others. After we talked bout our choices and the impact these have when we start new ventures, in particular good and bad choices.

‘If you make a bad choice you will not be happy’ Millie
‘Making good choices means you get good things’ Oliver
‘If you make a bad choice you can change it back to a god choice’ Jessica
‘Good choices in school means you could get a silver or gold card’ Amaya

Welcome Puffins!

A big welcome to the new Puffins class. All the children have settled in amazingly and have been working hard on learning all the school and class rules, our learning behaviours, the importance of ‘Good to be Green’ and Peacemakers. All the teachers are impressed with how well all the children have transitioned in just a couple of days and we are looking forward to this next year.