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Our local area topic

Today the children have been test running their new afternoon curriculum and have started their geography topic Our Local Area. Before the children can explore the area they live in, they need to understand what part of the world and the country they live in first. So, today using an atlas they were able to local and label all four countries of the UK. After we spent some time using Google maps to locate where we live.


As part of our topic for this half term we are learning all about Africa. Today the children have been trying out our new roleplay area pretending they are on safari. We have also as part of our geography discussed what would we need to pack if we went on holiday to Africa.

Animal habitats and countries

Today the Puffins have been finishing our topic on Animals. We have allocated the animals to their habitats and countries. Here are some of the facts we have learnt along the way.

“Snakes have cold blood they are reptiles” Lola

“Tigers live in Asia they have fur to keep them warm” Nathan

“If elephants are hot they flap their ears to keep them cool” Callum.C

“Polar bears live in cold countries and have blubba to keep them warm” Brooke

“Giraffes live in Africa and they are herbivores” Kerris

“Hippos live in Africa and they can swim in water” Ryan

“Lions eat meat, they are carnivores” OIiver

Meet Turbo and Rosie


This week we had two new class pets, two African land snails who we have named Rosie and Turbo.

On Wednesday we had a visitor who gave us a very interesting talk about invertebrates. We learnt lots of information about invertebrates and the different invertebrates we would find in Africa.


After our visit we then made our own snails complete with African art. We thought about the colours we should include in our art and really focussed on using patterns.

Holiday in Africa

In Geography we are continuing our topic of Africa. This week we thought about how to holiday in Africa and the types of places you would visit. Here are some facts and observations about Africa.


We then wrote postcards home to the UK from Africa giving details about our holiday. We also thought about the objects we would need to pack in our suitcase to visit a hot country.