Monthly Archives: January 2020

Subtraction strategies

Today the Puffins have been using all the taught strategies of how to put subtraction into action. They have all chosen the correct method for the questions and used their knowledge to complete all the problems. I was very impressed with how most children were able to create their own number lines to support their subtracting.

Discussing our value word – Perseverance

Today Puffins have discussed how we can preserve using things in class such as editing toolkit, words on the walls, maths partner teacher etc. We then played a game of pass the hoop, in which they had to pass the hoop around the circle but they were not allowed to use their hands. The children were all fantastic at encouraging each other and persevering when it got tough. We finished circle time with the story Giraffes can’t Dance by Giles Andreae about a giraffe who couldn’t dance but preserved and in the end he could.

Concentration and listening

Today before moving onto our new learning behaviours, we practiced our previous learning for behaviours ‘concentration’ and ‘listening’. To demonstrate good concentration the child had to complete some spot the difference. For listening skills the children had to guess the noise the noisy neighbours were making. Finally we played the game Miss Coghlan says.

Traditional Tales

As part of our ERIC this week the Puffins have been exploring different features of traditional tales. They have done paired reading, listening to their teacher read in small groups and independent reading. The children have really enjoyed choosing their own traditional tales.