Monthly Archives: February 2022

Week Beginning 14th February

 This week in English the children have been planning their insect fact files. We discussed what is needed for a fact file and looked at children an example. We focused on looking at all the key parts – heading, introduction, subheading, labels, pictures/photographs, fun facts. We then set them off to read all about “Amazing Ants” with their partners.

Puffins have been very busy this week during our DT lessons. The children were shown the tools that they would be using to cut the dowels for their toy cars. They were then shown how to use the hacksaw and then encouraged to have a go with adult supervision.

In maths we focused on number bonds to 20. We worked with our partners to represent numbers on tens frames.

Puffins enjoyed exploring information books this week during ERIC. We sat in a circle on the carpet and shared any facts that we thought were amazing!!  Did you know that there are more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world?

Children’s Mental Health Week

In PHSE Puffins have been looking at dental hygiene and how to brush and keep our teeth clean. We watched a short clip and discussed what we do when brushing our teeth. The children then completed a sequencing activity.

The children got to construct their paper toy cars that they designed on purple mash this week. They cut out their cars, folded and assembled them. We also discussed the next step which would be to cut and attach the dowels and wheels.

In English Puffins have been looking at information books this week about insects. We have been learning about ‘facts’ and ‘opinions’. The children then completed a worksheet to sort them into appropriate groups.

We looked particularly at ladybirds. The children where then given the task of completing a fact file using what they have read. The children shared their knowledge with each other which we then brainstormed.

Puffins enjoyed listening to and taking part in the internet safety assembly. After, the class shared some of their own thoughts which we brainstormed altogether.

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and Puffins enjoyed watching an assembly from Place2Be. The children then discussed with their talk partners about who can help them and we created our own support balloon. We then listened to and had a little dance to “Reach for the Stars” by SClub7.