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Christmas Week


This week we have enjoyed a variety of Christmas activities. We have been very excitable and enjoyed taking part in hands on activities. Throughout the week we have made and painted salt dough tree decorations, Christmas cards, calendars and biscuits. We also enjoyed our class party and carol concert, really getting us in to the Christmas spirit.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and see you in the new year.

Spelling Stars


Well done to all children on their spelling results today. We have increasing numbers of children getting all their spellings right each week.

Keep up the good work Puffins!

Parents please note, there will be no spelling test on Friday. I will send the spelling journals home midweek to allow children to practise over the holiday ready for when we come back.

Learning about capacity


This week in Maths we have been learning about capacity. We have spent the week experimenting with different containers and pouring liquids, we have used a variety of measurements and today we made our very own Wassail (A beer from Christmas 400 years ago). We thought about how much of each liquid we wanted and experimented until our beer smelt just right!! (Please note the liquids used were a variety of herbs and spices in water and children did not drink the final outcome). We wrote up our recipes and then shared them with the class.

We have had lots of fun with the water and learnt lots of new vocabulary.

Video: Puffin Class visit Aston Hall

On Wednesday we went on a fantastic trip to Aston Hall to learn about Christmas 400 years ago. We were very excited and couldn’t wait to leave.

When we arrived we were taken to our very own classroom for the morning which was full of fun activities. We enjoyed dressing up in the old clothes and playing with the traditional wooden toys. We made our own treasure chests, like the ones Sir Thomas Holt used to hide his treasure in, and went on a materials hunt round the grounds and learning about the history of the building as we walked round. Some children visited the Astonish gallery where we saw a teddy bear made from a soldiers blanket during WWII.

During the afternoon we took part in our merry making workshop. We were met by our guide and taken in to the main house. We visited lots of the different rooms and listened to lots of information. In the main hall Joshua and Rubylee dressed up as Sir Thomas Holt and his wife. We learnt about the clothes they used to wear and also the decorations used to decorate the house at Christmas time. We played with some of the traditional toys that children received at Christmas which were all made out of wood. We then visited the main dining room upstairs, which was only used for very special occasions including Christmas day. The food was very different to the Christmas dinner we have now, we didn’t like the sound of peacock pie and boars cheeks, but we liked the idea that everyone (adults and children) drank beer on Christmas Day. Our last room to visit was the long gallery, this room was used to exercise, dance and play games. We listened to some music and then learnt a traditional dance. Once we had finished looking round the house we went back to the classroom to make pomanders, which were used to decorate the house and make it smell nice at Christmas time. We listened carefully to our instructions and enjoyed making our decorations. We were very pleased with the finished product and carried them home proudly, ready to show our parents.

Here are some of the facts we learnt on our trip:

Giving out instructions

IMG_0488 IMG_0482

In Computing we have been learning about instructions and how to give instructions. We started by giving our partner instructions to get around the room. We then used the computer to give instructions to different objects to get them round the track.

We used the following instructions:

This week in Computing we started to use the mouse to complete our work. We had to click on the words to describe the toys and drag them to our own work. We needed lots of practise but we are getting better and controlling the mouse.

A Puffin wedding!


On Monday we had a lovely afternoon learning about weddings. We held our own wedding and enjoyed dressing up and taking part. For our first wedding, Isabella and Llukan got married in front of all their friends. For our second wedding, Miranda and Reuben got married. After the ceremonies, we played role play and lots of us got married.


During literacy this week, we are going to be writing a recount of our wedding. We will post the best recounts on our blog on Friday!