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Eric has become an exciting part of our daily timetable. All the children look forward to this part of the day. They have explored the school library, learning how to read with a partner and taking part in their first flashlight Friday.

Excellent English

For the last two weeks in English the Puffins have been learning all about Instructions. We started with how to follow them by making pirate hats. The different types of instructions and the different features they should include. Finally, we built up to writing our own instructions on How to Grow Cress. Well done, Puffins!


This week the Puffins are learning how to use inference skills. This can be quite tricky for some young children, but they have done brilliantly. The children were able to infer who these different shoes could belong to by looking at the clues they could see now.

Perfect Shelter

As part of our Here We Are project today the Puffins started with reading a story by Clare Helen Walsh called The Perfect Shelter.

This was all about how we feel when someone we care about gets sick and how we can care for them. After sharing and exploring this book the children created a shelter to help and protect a pretend animal.

Here We Are

This week we have kicked started an amazing English project. This is based on a great book called Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. The book is a guide to living on planet Earth and exploring every aspect of this in child friendly terms. We started by exploring the Solar System and the Earth. Moving on from the Earth to focus on our environment of school. The children were able to write a short piece of information about our school, discussing who is in our school, what happens here, what they like and don’t like. We finished the week with writing their own lyrics to the song What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong.

New books for ERIC

During our ERIC (Enjoying Reading In Class) time today Miss William’s was incredibly kind to bring the children some brand new books. The children were very excited and couldn’t wait to get stuck in to them. Lots have them are using these books to tick of some of their challenges in their passports.