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Traditional Tales

As part of our ERIC this week the Puffins have been exploring different features of traditional tales. They have done paired reading, listening to their teacher read in small groups and independent reading. The children have really enjoyed choosing their own traditional tales.

Poems and poets

This week for ERIC the children will be exploring lots of different poems and poets. Today we did paired reading and they had to choose their favourite poem they shared with their friend.

‘We chose Nathaniel by Richard Edwards because it reminds me of wanting to stay in bed’ Elias & Jacob
‘Dilly Dilly Piccalilli by Clyde Watson because it was funny and short for us to read’ Hani & Reva
‘Picnic by Judith Nicholls because this happened to my family at the beach the sand was everywhere!’ Charlie & Olivia
‘The Sound Collector by Roger Mc Gough like when it describes all the sounds that were stolen’ Ryan & Aizah
‘This poem Lift Off by June Crebbin was great it was about blasting off to space in a lift!’ James and Karly

Non-fiction books

Today for ERIC (Enjoying Read In Class) the children have been choosing non-fiction books they find interesting.

‘We picked a dinosaur book’ James and Oliver
‘I loved learning about the countries’ Alex. H
‘I liked learning about the different sculptures’ Jack
‘Pirates were my favourite to read’ Anren

Guided reading

Today the Puffins had a great guided reading session. They were all working hard independently to use their decoding skills to do a variety of activities such as Bug Club on the iPad, matching the sentences to the pictures, choosing a book they would like to read and developing their language in the roleplay.

The Magic Porridge Pot

Today in English the children have been acting out our wishing tale ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. After the superb performances the children in small groups devised questions they would ask the characters when we were hot seating. The children were great at using the question words and ensuring the questions were relevant to our story.