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Making cars

Before the half term the Puffins worked their socks off to design and build a moving car. They started with product and market research then they tested materials and created their designs using Purple Mash. Finally, they cut and shaped their car nets and sawed and glued their own moving wheels. They did a fantastic job. Well done, Puffins!


This week the children have been learning how we change as we grow old. They were great at labelling all their body parts and discussing about how we can keep our bodies safe using the PANTS programme as guidance.

Taking photographs and labeling

As part of today’s Computing lesson, Puffins brought some of their favourite teddy bears to take photographs of.

They learned that once photographs are taken, they are stored on the memory card. The process to transfer photographs from camera to a computer is to take the memory card out of the camera and insert into the computer.

Here are some of the photographs taken by the children of their cuddly toys. They will be labeling their photographs in next week’s lesson. Visit our blog next week to see how Puffins get on.

Number clubs


These children have done amazing this week and moved up in number club. Well done Demi, Lexi, Spohie, Evie, Katie, Megan and Niah.

This morning the Puffin class were using their listening skills to follow the instructions from their partner to draw a picture without seeing it. This is part of their instructions for their English this week.


The children listened very well and Brooke Ba and Brooke Be did an amazing job.

Searching for Minibeasts


In Science we have been learning all about Minibeasts. Today we searched the Woodland Walk, field and Forest School to see if we could find any. We found lots hidden under logs and rocks. And even some in the trees.

Here are some of the amazing facts Puffin class have learnt about our Minibeast topic:


Video: Our week on time

This week we have focused on time. We started the week by ordering the days of the week and months of the year. We learnt a new dance and song to help us remember the months and we really enjoyed it. We then moved on to talk about different times of the day and linking activities to the correct times of the day. Finally we started to look at telling the time using the clock face, Mrs Jones could not believe how well we could tell the time and how quickly we picked up telling the time to half past the hour.

Video: The Three Little Pigs

This week in English we started to focus on ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have had a very busy week, learning the story the whole way through. We developed actions to support our retelling and we are very good at retelling the story. Mrs Jones is very impressed at how well we learnt the story. To support our retelling, we have also focused on story maps and our use of descriptive language to make wanted posters to help the big bad wolf. The children have worked very hard this week and I am sure you will agree they have learnt the story well.