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World Book Week

We were very lucky to launch our special book week by receiving a visit from a real life author! Puffins welcomed Teresa Heapy to their classroom and showed her how hard they work. During her visit the children listened to one of her stories ‘Very Little Red Riding Hood’ and got to design their very own ‘very little’ character. Teresa thought they were amazing. Well done Puffins!
Another special event this week Puffins loved was reading alongside the Year 4 Robins. The children got to share their books from home or their favourites from our class library. Thank you Robins – we had a wonderful time!
What amazing costumes we had to celebrate World Book Day this year! Wow! Check out the photos to see what puffins dressed up as.
In Computing, Puffins have enjoyed designing their cars on Purple Mash. They have also been using the ‘2Calculate’ app to create a spreadsheet.

In Music the children were very excited to have a go at  playing the glockenspiels. They worked with their partners to play along, taking it in turns to hit the right notes.

In our Geography lessons we have been learning about Africa. This week, the children have enjoyed exploring their new African role-play area.
In PSHE Puffins have been learning all about ‘ownership’. To begin, the children discussed with their talk partners what they thought that word meant. Puffins came up with some good ideas. We then watched a short clip showing an example and what we should be doing to make sure our things stay ours. We brainstormed some of the children’s ideas:
In maths Puffins have been learning to use Base10 in their lessons to explore number. The children are learning to use a range of resources to support their learning.

Week Commencing 26th September 2022

This week the children have enjoyed their very first Computing lesson. We split the class into two groups, half went to the ICT suite and the other half stayed in the classroom to use the laptops. The children got to learn the different parts of the computer and were shown how to use the mouse and keyboard. We then demonstrated how to log in using their usernames and passwords, reminding them that it is very important not to share our passwords. Once the children logged in, they had the opportunity to use some of the software to create a picture.

Puffins have been working hard this week practising their handwriting skills.

During English this week we have been busy coming up with our own version of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, changing it to ‘We’re going on a lion hunt’. The children thought of different adjectives to describe our new scenes in the story. As a class we went through the main parts to create a story map. The children then created their own.

The children have been introduced to the maths terms ‘greater than’ and ‘less than.’ We watched a small clip which shows them a ‘Greater Gaitor’ who only eats the greatest number. Mrs Ville demonstrated an activity on the IWB which the children then went away and had a go at.


Welcome back Puffins and a huge warm welcome to Mrs Ville!!
The children looked so grown up in their new uniforms this week and we’ve all enjoyed comparing our new shoes, coats and bags. They have settled well into the classroom getting to know its layout and their new table seats. We have 5 tables labelled the Butterflies, Ladybirds, Dragonflies, Beetles and Snails.

Week Commencing 18th July 2022

The last week of term!!!

This week we have been enjoying the sun. On Monday the children got to chill and had a little paddle in our outdoor area. We also demolished some very sticky popsicles!

On Wednesday the children loved taking part in a water fight!!! We all got soaked but we had so much fun!

Party day! Puffins have enjoyed spending their last day creating a Year 1 memory book, colouring, watching films, eating popcorn and playing lots of party games.

Enjoy your Summer holidays children!!! See you in September.

Book Advent

Puffins had their turn opening and reading the very first book from our book advent calendar today! They were really pleased with the book they received, ‘Michael Rosen’s Book of very silly poems’. We had a good old giggle when we read a few during ERIC.

This week in English, Puffins have been looking at the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats’. The children have been learning to sequence the story looking at each key part: opening, build up, problem and solution. The children then got to act it out in groups of four. We have also been learning how to use adjectives to describe the characters.

Puffins have enjoyed science this week. The children loved sharing baby photos of themselves with their friends and looking at how they have changed.

Nursery Rhymes

In our English lessons we have been learning about nursery rhymes. We performed a nursery rhyme in front of their friends. We also completed a missing word activity.

In maths this week Puffins have been looking at bar models and addition fact families.

In our RE lessons we have been learning about people belonging to different religions.

In Science we learnt about sense of sight, touch and smell.

We also looked at maps of the UK in Geography. We labelled the countries, capitals and drew the flags.

Black History Month

October is Black History month and we have had some sensible discussions about it this week. Puffins have been learning about Rosa Parks.

During R.E Puffins have been looking at Christianity and Christian traditions. The children then created a baptism card.

In our Art lessons we have been sculpting mini models of ourselves using a range of resources and techniques.